The camera that senses
space and motion

ZED empowers objects with the ability to see and understand the world around us.

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Meet ZED

From lens to sensors, the ZED camera is filled with cutting-edge technology that takes depth and motion tracking to a whole new level.

Long-Range 3D Sensing

Perceive and understand your surroundings in 3D up to 20m distance, with increased accuracy in the close range.

Dual 4MP Camera

Capture stunning 2K 3D video with best-in-class low-light sensitivity to operate in the most challenging environments.

High Frame-Rate

ZED is the world's fastest depth camera. Capture 1080p HD video at 30FPS or WVGA at 100FPS and get a crisp and clear image.

Depth Compositing, Camera Tracking
Spatial Analytics
People and Object Detection in 3D
Autonomous Robotics
Perception, SLAM, 3D AI

Technical Specifications

Video Output
Video Mode Frames per second Output Resolution (side by side)
2.2K 15 4416x1242
1080p 30 3840x1080
720p 60 2560x720
WVGA 100 1344x376
  • Video Recording

    Native resolution video encoding in H.264, H.265, Lossless formats (on host)

  • Video Streaming

    Stream anywhere over IP

  • Depth Resolution

    Native video resolution
    (in Ultra mode)

  • Depth FPS

    Up to 100Hz

  • Depth Range

    0.3 - 25 m (0.98 to 82 ft)

  • Depth FOV

    90° (H) x 60° (V) x 100° (D) max.

  • Technology

    Stereo Depth Sensing

  • Pose Update Rate

    Up to 100Hz

  • Pose Drift

    Translation: 0.35%
    Rotation: 0.023°/m
    (without loop correction)

  • Technology

    Real-time depth-based visual odometry and SLAM

  • Lens Type

    6-elements all-glass dual lens

  • Aperture


  • Field of View

    90° (H) x 60° (V) x 100° (D) max.

Image Sensors
  • Sensor Resolution

    Dual 4M pixels sensors with large 2-micron pixels

  • Sensor Format

    Native 16:9 format for a greater horizontal field of view

  • Sensor Size

    1/3” backside illumination sensors with high low-light sensitivity

  • Shutter Sync

    Electronic Synchronized Rolling Shutter

  • Camera Controls

    Adjust Resolution, Frame rate, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma, Sharpness, Exposure and White Balance

  • Connector

    USB 3.0 port with 1.5m integrated cable

  • Mounting Options

    1/4"-20 UNC thread mount

  • Power

    Power via USB 5V / 380mA

  • Operating Temperature

    0°C to +45°C (32°F to 113°F)

Size and Weight
  • Dimensions

    175 x 30 x 33 mm (6.89 x 1.18 x 1.3’’)

  • Weight

    135 g (0.37 lb)

Compatible OS

Windows 10, 8, 7

Ubuntu 20, 18, 16

Debian, CentOS
(via Docker)

Jetson L4T

SDK System Requirements
  • Dual-core 2.3GHz or faster processor

    4 GB RAM or more

    Nvidia GPU with compute capability > 3.0

In the Box
  • ZED Stereo camera

    Mini Tripod stand

    USB Flash Drive with Drivers and SDK


  • 1-year hardware warranty for all ZED cameras


The ZED is a passive stereo camera that reproduces the way human vision works. Using its two “eyes”, the ZED creates a three-dimensional map of the scene by comparing the displacement of pixels between the left and right images.

Up until now, 3D sensors have been limited up to perceiving depth at short range and indoors. The ZED stereo camera is the first sensor to introduce indoor and outdoor long range depth perception along with 3D motion tracking capabilities, enabling new applications in many industries: AR/VR, drones, robotics, retail, visual effects and more.

The ZED captures two synchronized left and right videos of a scene and outputs a full resolution side-by-side color video on USB 3.0. This color video is used by the ZED software on the host machine to create a depth map of the scene, track the camera position and build a 3D map of the area.

You can use the ZED with USB 3.0 extension cables or optical fiber cables to extend the range of your camera up to 100m. You can also use Jetson Nano to turn the ZED into an Ethernet camera.

You can connect multiple ZED cameras to a single PC. This feature is supported on both Windows and Linux. You can also stream remotely video from multiple cameras using ZED SDK.

Yes! Developers can download the ZED SDK on our Developer page. We also have a GitHub page that we update on a regular basis.

The ZED SDK and our GitHub page includes plugins and samples for Unity, OpenCV, ROS, AI frameworks and more.

The ZED SDK is compatible with Windows and Linux. It can run on any PC that meets the minimum hardware requirements, and on embedded platforms from NVIDIA: Jetson TX2, Nano, NX and Xavier.

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