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Get actionable insights to improve operations

We are combining human-like vision and artificial intelligence to revolutionize digital twins. By replicating the physical world in intricate detail, we are able to deliver real-time sharp insights to help you meet your objectives.

Create real-time digital twins

We leverage multi-fusion to give spatial analytics systems a total view of a given space at any given time.

Multi-person tracking

Detect and track any person in 3D, as long as they are located within a 20m range of your depth camera and gather spatial insights.

Map-centric analysis

Model the spatial relationships between people, places and objects. Create map-based representations of the physical world.

Multi-camera fleet

Manage and merge data from your multi-camera fleet to create large-scale environmental monitoring solutions.

Object tracking

Detect objects with spatial context. Place them on a map using floor plane detection, and track their movements in 3D. Since ZED SDK 3.6, a custom detector can be used with the API.

Depth-aware visual effects

Bring real-time 3D sensing to Unity and Unreal engines and create innovative experiences that mix the real and virtual worlds.

Deploy indoors and outdoors

Build and deploy exciting multi-user experiences in any type of indoors or outdoors environment.

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Stereolabs was a great partner in the development of our body tracking system. They provided comprehensive guidance and hands-on support for integrating multiple cameras and ensuring flawless data synchronization. Thank you for helping us operate and deploy our entire system seamlessly!

One platform, Unlimited operations.

ZED cameras can be mounted onto any surface, regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoors or the weather conditions, making it a flexible solution that can be utilized by any industry.


Make spaces safer and more efficient. 


Understand customer behavior.


Decomplexify complex spaces.

Smart Transportations

 Understand the movements of an airport.

Virtual Production and VFX

Test special effects in real time.

Interactive Displays

Combine the virtual world with the real one.

Capture and analyze motion in real time without markers

Separate the signal from the noise using our specially designed spatial analytics modules. Designed to work without markers, ZED and ZED SDK is a plug-and-play system that can be utilized in any space.

Interactive Mirror

Understand how people move throughout a space with ZED and ZED SDK. The ZED camera is able to provide 2D and 3D information of each detected keypoint through its Body Tracking module, which outputs three different body formats: Body 18, Body 34 and Body 38. Alongside this, the ZED SDK is able to output 3 levels of information: 2D/3D Body Detection, 3D Body Tracking and 3D Body Fitting.

Room-scale digital twins

Add more cameras to track movements in a room-scale environment. Explore our calibration and fusion app to set-up this configuration.

World-scale digital twins

Upgrade your object detection capabilities with ZED SDK’s 3D Object Detection module.    Activate the 3D Object Tracking module to assign a unique ID to each object and track its movements over time. Integrate seamlessly with TensorFlow and Pytorch for easy implementation. 

Fit for any space

ZED cameras can be placed in (almost) any space, indoor or outdoor and regardless of the weather conditions. The data from these cameras, and any other sensors are then fused by the ZED Box to detect and track people or objects, delivering detailed spatial analytics.



Built to withstand all weather conditions, the ZED X is the ideal choice for small to large machines and autonomous robots in the agriculture, logistics and construction industries. 


ZED 2i

The world’s most powerful camera for depth perception, motion and AI, the ZED 2i is a durable and versatile stereo camera that can be deployed in most environments.


ZED Box Orin™ NX 16GB

NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX series modules deliver up to 100 TOPS of AI performance in the smallest form-factor, with power configurable between 10W and 25W. This gives you the performance of Jetson AGX Xavier™ and 2x the performance of Jetson Xavier NX. The ZED Box Orin™ 16GB series can optionally include a dual or quad GMSL2 interface to connect up to 2 ZED X cameras.

Designed for developers & creators

Use the ZED with your favorite platforms and libraries. Make sure to check our Docs and GitHub page for the latest integrations! Build high-end AR applications on Windows PC with the ZED SDK. Compatible with Oculus Rift, Rift S, HTC Vive and Vive Pro.


Implement sophisticated motion tracking and create interactive experiences in first or third person view with Unity.


Implement sophisticated motion tracking and create interactive experiences in first or third person view with Unreal using LiveLink.

Multi-camera calibration and fusion

Build a multi-camera setup to cover larger areas. Implement our off-the-shelf calibration and data-fusion tool within minutes.

Anonymous researcher, Fortune 500 Company

Oh, [competitor] system is 60,000 - 65,000 GBP (75K USD). At that price, I can buy 100X ZED 2i Cameras ($50K) and 5X RTX4090 Gaming PC's ($5000 x 5) with enough VRAM and RAM. I think 100 ZED 2i cameras would be sufficient to body track an entire football field. Have a nice day and thank you for bringing awesomeness to computer vision!

ID Logistics

Our technology helps ID Logistics increase the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse order preparation. By ensuring the conformity of the packages loaded on the forklift, our perception system helps workers save time and minimize errors.




Starter kits for any team

Give your autonomous robot sight, and insight, in the world.


ZED 2i

The world’s most powerful camera for depth perception, motion and AI, the ZED 2i is a durable and versatile stereo camera that can be deployed in most environments.

120mm Stereo BaselineUSB 3.1Built-in IMU, barometer & magnetometer1080p @30fpsIP66

Digital Twin Kit

The Digital Twin Kit all-in-one solution brings spatial analytics and motion capture to any space. It combines one ZED 2i with a ZED Box Orin NX 16GB for AI compute at the edge. This kit comes with two extension cables.

1x ZED 2i - 2.1mm1x ZED Box Orin NX 16GB 1TB with PoE1x 1.5m USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Screw Locking Cable1x 3m USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Screw Locking Cable

*All starter kit components are also sold individually

A new era of vision-driven precision

Start building exciting new applications that recognize and understand your environment.