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We help machines see like people do 

Human sight is remarkable. Our eyes see the world in high resolution color, across environments and conditions. We perceive depth and texture. We do more than notice our surroundings, we understand them.

At Stereolabs, our mission is to enable machines to see like people do. Our journey has touched on many industries and applications, with each experience helping us to improve and expand our offer to our customers.

Our journey so far


We bet on stereo vision

Our journey began at the Institut d'Optique in Paris. It was here that our co-founders realized the transformative potential of 3D stereo vision in the field of surgical robots. Our first focus was to develop an algorithm that could stabilize 3D surgery videos, decreasing visual discomfort and increasing usability. 

We became the go-to for 3D image processing

We took our stabilizing technology to Hollywood. At the time, 3D screens were posed to be the next big leap in entertainment, but 3D content felt difficult to watch. Our team worked closely with James Cameron to stabilize footage for the remarkable Avatar. After that, we quickly became the world leader in 3D image processing for cinema.


We built an industry leader in depth sensing cameras

After our blockbuster success, we set to bringing 3D vision to other industries. We founded Stereolabs and built our own camera, the ZED. Rugged and cost-effective, the ZED set, and continues to set, the industry standard, capturing rich texture and color data to provide cutting-edge stereo vision and depth sensing.

2023 and beyond

We power a new era of vision-driven precision

Having mastered vision, we turn our attention to helping machines understand the world in unbeatable detail. We build an advanced perception system, powered by vision, that fuses data from multiple sources to provide a deep, semantic grasp of the environment, without interruptions.  This deep understanding gives autonomous robots the ability to move and act in the world effectively, and unlocks a new level of insights in the field of spatial analytics.

Leading human-like vision, since 2010

Based in San Francisco, New York and Paris, we partner with teams across geographies and industries. We build with usability in mind, always creating hardware and software that is ready-to-use, whether your focus is an autonomous mobile tractor on a rural farm, or a spatial analytics system in a busy urban setting.

Meet the founders

Cecile Schmollgruber

CEO & Co-Founder

Olivier Braun

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Edwin Azzam

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

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