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See in deep detail. Gain deep understanding.

Coming soon
TERRA AI is in its final testing stage and will be available in Q2 2024.

Advanced perception to meet your mission

To operate on a farm, or a construction site or even a warehouse, a robot needs more than sight—it needs a semantic understanding that peels back the layers of an environment to reveal the intricacies that truly matter.

TERRA AI reveals a level of deep detail, with a neural network that translates ZED cameras texture and color data into nuanced insights that outshine alternatives like LiDAR or radar.

Sense, plan and act, without interruption.

TERRA AI is a groundbreaking large neural network architecture that is able to deliver an unmatched level of understanding to off road autonomous robots.

It provides a comprehensive understanding of an environment by fusing:

  • Depth Estimation for spatial awareness
  • Visual-Localization and GNSS fusion to determine a robot’s position
  • Semantic understanding for obstacle classification
  • Robust detection and tracking of objects and people

Ready to deploy, TERRA AI’s general-purpose capabilities are run through low-power embedded computers that can be integrated into any fleet.

Unlock vision-driven precision 

TERRA AI is vision-based, using images captured by monocular and stereo ZED cameras as its primary input. Significantly cheaper than LiDAR or radar solutions, these cameras can be strategically positioned to provide a panoramic 360° view around any robot.

These images then undergo self-calibration to determine all camera positions, multi-camera fusion, and time-fusion, to output critical data for robots autonomy: depth maps, localization data, semantic segmentation, object and people detection and tracking for safety.

Trained with TERRA SIM, our engine for building AI vision for robotics

Our TERRA SIM delivers:

  • Accurate sensor simulation with photorealistic rendering
  • Procedural generation of infinite worlds
  • Populated with AI agents who seek collision
  • Diversity of scenes, weather, challenging conditions, vehicles
  • Resolution of long-tail issues

Integrate TERRA AI into your fleet

We provide plug-in advanced perception to fleets of all sizes. ZED cameras capture rich data in texture and color; the ZED Box then processes this data before transmitting it to TERRA AI’s neural network.



Built to withstand all weather conditions, the ZED X is the ideal choice for small to large machines and autonomous robots in the agriculture, logistics and construction industries. 


ZED X Mini

The ZED X Mini is the ideal choice for manipulation tasks across agriculture, logistics and construction. This camera is especially well adapted to short-range applications such as automation and picking.



The ZED X One is the ideal choice for multiple-camera surround vision or large baseline stereo applications across agriculture, logistics and construction. The ZED X One is especially well adapted to large machines.

Tried and tested technology 

  • 22,000+


  • 100,000+


  • 13+


  • 50,000+


Experience the benefits of unmatched understanding

Our plug-in AI perception unlocks transformative mission potential in every system.

A scalable solution for any application

TERRA AI is designed to be effective in indoor and outdoor environments, giving robots of any size persistent vision through occlusions.

Advanced perception, at a fraction of the price

TERRA AI is a vision-based system, using cameras to replicate human-like sight. This approach is not only more effective for precision-based tasks than LiDAR is, but is ten times less costly to integrate into your fleet.

Beyond 360 vision

TERRA synthesizes 3D perception, 4D spatiotemporal fusion and multi-view perception. This gives robots the ability to safely navigate any environment, without blind spot

Efficient memory and compute

TERRA AI is built to scale, and has been designed to manage large computational loads through low-power embedded system.

Ready to deploy

TERRA AI’s general-purpose capabilities can be applied to diverse applications across multiple industries.




A new era of vision-driven precision

Start building exciting new applications that recognize and understand your environment.