Thanks to its comprehensive API, ZED cameras can be interfaced with multiple third-party libraries and environments.

ZED OpenCVShows how to capture image, depth and point cloud and convert them to OpenCV format.GitHub
ZED ROSProvides access to ZED data through ROS topics and services.GitHub (ROS)
GitHub (ROS 2)
ZED PyTorchUses ZED SDK and PyTorch to detect, segment, classify and locate objects in 3D.GitHub
ZED YoloUses ZED SDK and YOLO object detection to display the 3D location of objects and people in a scene.GitHub
ZED DockerShows how to run the ZED SDK in a Docker container.GitHub DockerHub
ZED Unity PluginProvides access to ZED SDK features in Unity.GitHub
ZED UE5 PluginProvides access to ZED SDK features in Unreal Engine 5.GitHub
ZED GStreamerPlugins to use the ZED and its SDK in a GStreamer pipeline.GitHub
ZED MatlabEnables the utilization of the ZED SDK within Matlab.GitHub
ZED OpenPoseUses ZED SDK and OpenPose skeleton detection to display real-time multi-person 3D pose of human bodies.GitHub
ZED OpenGLShows how to use GPU memory to display camera images and depth using OpenGL.GitHub
ZED ArucoShows how to track or relocalize the position of one or multiple cameras using an Aruco marker.GitHub
ZED PCLShows how to acquire and display a 3D point cloud with PCL (Point Cloud Library).GitHub
ZED OpenNI2OpenNI2 driver for the ZED stereo camera family.GitHub