ZED Depth Sensor

2K Stereo Camera

The World's First
High Definition Stereo Camera
for Depth Sensing
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Capture the world
in 3D
ZED captures the world in 3D and creates 3D models of indoor and outdoor scenes up to 20 m.
How it works
ZED captures high definition left and right video in a side-by-side format and delivers it through USB 3.0.
The ZED SDK computes the depth map from stereo in real-time on a graphics chip.
ZED video-plus-depth image
Unlock the power of stereo depth sensing
Unlike regular depth cameras, ZED can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks, from collision avoidance to autonomous navigation and 3D mapping.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does the ZED work?

    The ZED is a passive stereo camera that reproduces the way human vision works. Using its two “eyes” and through triangulation, the ZED creates a three-dimensional model of the scene it observes.
  • How is the ZED different from other depth sensors?

    Up until now, 3D sensors have been limited up to perceiving depth at short range and indoors. The ZED Stereo Camera is the first sensor to introduce indoor and outdoor long range depth perception, enabling the development of new services and applications in many industries: consumer electronics, drones, robotics, automotive, VFX, 3D printing and more.
  • What is the output of the ZED?

    The ZED captures two synchronized left and right videos of a scene and outputs a full resolution side-by-side color video on USB 3.0. This color video is used by the ZED software on the host machine to create a depth map of the scene. Developers have access to the color video, depth map, and confidence map.
  • Which OS and platforms are supported by the ZED SDK?

    The ZED SDK is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and Linux. It can run on any PC that meets the minimum hardware requirements. We are also actively working on an update to the ZED SDK for the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 board.
  • Which graphic cards are supported by the ZED SDK ?

    The ZED SDK requires an NVIDIA GPU with a compute capability > 2. If you don’t have an NVIDIA GPU – i.e: Intel HD Graphics or AMD chip - you can still use the tools such as the ZED Viewer to view and record side by side 3D video but you will not be able to visualize depth or use any of the samples.
  • What is the range of the camera?

    The ZED camera can perceive depth between 1.5 meters (5 feet) and 20 meters (65 feet).
  • Do you have sample depth and color video of the ZED?

    Did you check the video on our Product page? It's all shot with the ZED!
  • Can I use the ZED indoors and outdoors?

    The ZED camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Can I do 3D scanning with the camera?

    Yes you can, but currently we do not provide any application or sample code to do that. However, given the huge interest of the community in using the ZED for 3D scanning, we’ve made this one of our top development priority!
  • Can I use the ZED as a 3D camera for VR?

    Yes! You can create 3D videos with the ZED for VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.
  • Will there be apps for the ZED?

    We are working on it! We will release core apps for the ZED along with applications developed by our partners.
  • Is there an SDK included with the ZED?

    Developers have access to the ZED SDK with every purchase of a camera. We also regularly send SDK updates to our ZED users.
  • Can I use the ZED without the SDK?

    Yes, you can capture the left and right video streams of the ZED without the ZED SDK.
  • Is the depth map generated in the camera?

    We want to provide constant updates and improvements to the ZED depth sensing capabilities. This is why the depth map is computed efficiently on the host machine connected to the ZED.
  • Can I use multiple ZED at a time?

    In a future update, it will be possible to use up to 2 ZED at a time under Linux only.
  • Will the ZED still work in USB2.0 mode?

    The ZED is compatible with USB2.0 but at lower resolution and framerate (1280x480 @ 12fps).
  • What size is the ZED?

    The ZED Camera is 175 long x 30 high x 33 mm deep (6.89 x 1.18 x 1.3’’) and weights 159g (0.35lbs).
  • Where do I find detailed specifications and datasheet?

    Detailed specifications can be found on our Product page. The ZED datasheet is also available here.
  • Where can I buy a ZED?

    You can order the ZED on our secured store here. We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers and purchase orders.
  • Where do you ship?

    We ship all around the world! If you do not see your country listed at checkout, please email us at orders@stereolabs.com .