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2K Stereo Camera
for Depth Sensing and Spatial AI.

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Sense the world
in 3D

ZED captures a large-scale 3D map of your environment
and understands how objects move through space.

Cameras that see like we do

Using advanced sensing technology based on human stereo vision, ZED cameras add depth perception, motion tracking and spatial understanding to your application.

Capture stunning 2K 3D video with best-in-class low-light sensitivity to operate in the most challenging environments. Capture 1080p HD video at 30FPS or WVGA at 100FPS and get a crisp and clear image.

ZED cameras perceive the world in three dimensions. Using binocular vision, the cameras can tell how far objects are around you from 0.1 to 20m, indoors and outdoors.

With the ZED, capture a 3D map of your environment in seconds. The mesh can be used for real-time obstacle avoidance, visual effects or world-scale AR.

Detect objects with spatial context. Place them on a map using floor plane detection, and track their movements in 3D.

Detect human body pose of every person in the scene. For the first time, ZED 2 brings large-scale skeleton tracking and 3D motion estimation to any environment.

Camera + Software

A complete platform for Spatial AI
at the edge.

3D Sensing Hardware

Benefit from leading-edge multi-sensor, high resolution smart stereo cameras ready for deployment in the field.


Well-documented and easy-to-use C++ and Python API for building real-time space-aware applications on desktop and embedded platforms.


Build with ROS, Unity, OpenCV, deep learning frameworks and many more tools and plugins compatible with ZED.

AI Camera Management Platform

Use a modern, cloud-based platform to monitor remotely your cameras and collect data.


Create exciting interactive AR experiences, build autonomous robots that understand their environment, bring 3D perception to physical spaces for people analytics and more.

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Which ZED is right for you?

ZED 2iNew


2K Wide-Angle Stereo Video

Long-range Neural Depth Sensing

Visual-Inertial Tracking

3D Mapping

Built-in IMU, Barometer, Magnetometer, Temperature

3D Object Detection

Multi-skeleton tracking

IP66 All-Aluminium Enclosure with Thermal Control

USB Type-C connector

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ZED Mini


2K Stereo Video

Mid-range Depth Sensing

Visual-Inertial Tracking

3D Mapping

Built-in IMU

Passthrough AR Ready

Small form factor

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2K Stereo Video

Long-range Depth Sensing

Visual Positional Tracking

3D Mapping

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