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We take care of perception, so you can focus on your mission

Unlock vision-driven precision in your autonomous robot application.

Vision-based platform for robots

Our end-to-end platform combines human-like vision with artificial intelligence, to give autonomous robots sight, and insight, into the world.

Open and scalable vision platform

ZED SDK is one of the industry’s most advanced, scalable and customizable AI Vision platform, used by 100,000+ users around the world. It is designed to help industry leaders deploy safe, smart autonomous machines running 24/7.

Throughput, latency, robustness

These are the main metrics we optimize for. Built from the ground-up for robotics, our AI vision stack is crafted with fast, memory-efficient low-level code. This enables the processing of high-frequency, high-volume data from our sensors on embedded hardware.

Expanded hardware and software ecosystem

Stereolabs offers an expanded ecosystem with various industry-proven hardware and software stacks. This gives makers and industrials the flexibility to select their favorite ecosystem during integration and reduce time to market.

Trusted by innovators and industry leaders

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Stereolabs has been an incredible partner to us in our journey to build the future of fruit farming. We are using ZED X Mini and its SDK in our industry-leading Orchard Vision Systems, to help map yields of apples in orchards. This camera is better than anything else we’ve tried on the market, delivering superior quality RGB images and high density depth map.

Precision, across missions

To navigate complex and unpredictable terrains, an autonomous mobile robot needs to be able to see and understand an environment from every angle, without interruption. To grab or manipulate an object effectively, a robotic arm needs to be able to perceive its surroundings in intricate detail, continuously.

In both instances, vision-driven precision is critical, enabling autonomous robots to move beyond rudimentary tasks, to complex ones.

Autonomous Tractors

Monarch Tractors use ZED X for their off-road autonomous navigation system

Offroad Vehicles

Giving robots the ability to understand unstructured terrains.

Utility Vehicles

Adding 3D vision for multiple tasks on robotic platforms.

Underwater exploration

Unlocking smart vision for underwater exploration or biomass size estimation.

Sport Equipment

Modernizing racquet sports with the first AI-enabled training experience.


Automating grass mowing with vision-driven precision.

The most advanced vision software stack for robots

The ZED SDK is one of the industry’s most advanced, scalable and customizable AI Vision platform, used by 100,000+ users around the world. It is designed to help industry leaders deploy safe, smart autonomous machines running 24/7.

100x greater level of detail

Our advanced perception system, powered by vision, gives autonomous robots sight, and insight, in the world. ZED cameras capture rich data in texture and color. Unlocking a level of detail unreachable by LiDAR or radar, at a fraction of the price.

Obstacle Detection

Detect moving obstacles whether it be persons or objects. The ZED SDK uses AI to detect objects and compute their 3D position as well as their bounding box using the depth module. The objects can also be tracked within the environment over time, even if the camera is in motion, thanks to data from the positional tracking module.

Global Localization

High precision 3D positioning can be achieved by fusing localization data from several ZED X cameras and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) using the latest ZED SDK.

Indoor Localization

Perform fast obstacle avoidance and high accuracy localization based on visual-inertial odometry in indoor environments or GNSS-denied areas.

Chris Whitney, Chief Digital Officer, Monarch Tractors

The ZED Camera enables us to replace the LiDAR. With the ZED camera we get that point cloud that enables us to do localization, to do depth mapping, object detection, object placement, human gesture recognition, vehicle tracking, vehicle velocity tracking. All of the things that you want to do when you are automating a tractor, we can do with the point cloud that we get from the ZED cameras.

Fit for all form factors

ZED cameras can be fitted onto (almost) any surface, giving a robot a 360° view of its surroundings. The data from these cameras, and any other sensors are then fused by the ZED Box, helping robots to sense, plan and act in unstructured environments.



Built to withstand all weather conditions, the ZED X is the ideal choice for small to large machines and autonomous robots in the agriculture, logistics and construction industries. 


ZED X Mini

The ZED X Mini is the ideal choice for manipulation tasks across agriculture, logistics and construction. This camera is especially well adapted to short-range applications such as automation and picking.


ZED Box Orin™ NX 16GB

NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX series modules deliver up to 100 TOPS of AI performance in the smallest form-factor, with power configurable between 10W and 25W. This gives you the performance of Jetson AGX Xavier™ and 2x the performance of Jetson Xavier NX. The ZED Box Orin™ 16GB series can optionally include a dual or quad GMSL2 interface to connect up to 2 ZED X cameras.

Anonymous researcher, Fortune 500 CoMPANy 

Oh, [competitor] system is 60,000 - 65,000 GBP (75K USD). At that price, I can buy 100X ZED 2i Cameras ($50K) and 5X RTX4090 Gaming PC's ($5000 x 5) with enough VRAM and RAM. I think 100 ZED 2i cameras would be sufficient to body track and entire football field. Have a nice day and thank you for bringing awesomeness to computer vision!

Integrations and ecosystem

It’s simple—our technology is ready-to-use and infinitely integratable.

Our robust SDK and comprehensive API allows ZED cameras to interface with leading third party libraries and environments. Built with usability in mind, ZED is compatible with ROS, Unity, OpenCV, deep learning frameworks and many more tools and plugins.

Our close partnerships with chip carriers and embedded systems manufacturers ensures support and compatibility when integrating ZED cameras and ZED SDK and TERRA AI into large-scale deployments.

Native simulation

Test and train your robot in high-res simulation environments through native integration across our cameras and SDK. Compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, NVIDIA Isaac Sim and more.

ROS and Nav2

The ZED cameras and the ZED SDK are fully compatible with ROS 2 and Nav2, facilitating seamless integration and expediting the development process for autonomous robots. This support ensures streamlined robotics workflows and simplifies the creation of advanced navigation and perception functionalities.


I'm blown away by the data quality and how easy it was to set up the SDK/ZED X driver. I was expecting a whole nightmare sequence, great job!

Monarch Tractors

Our technology gives sight to the Founder Series MK-V, the world’s first fully electric, driver optional, smart tractor. Built by Monarch Tractors, the MK-V enhances farmers’ existing operations, alleviates labor shortages and maximizes yields.




Starter kits for any team

Get the stereo vision and edge computing you need to give your autonomous robots sight, and insight, in the world.


Robotics Perception Kit

The Robotics Perception Kit brings spatial AI perception and 3D vision to any robot. It combines the ZED X stereo camera with Jetson Orin NX and RTK GNSS, enabling advanced deep learning and computer vision.

1x ZED X - 2.2mm1x ZED Box Orin NX 16GB 1TB with GMSL21x U-blox ZED F9P RTK GNSS1x 4-in-1 GMSL2 cable1x 5m GMSL2 extension cables

Robotics Perception Kit - Dual

The Robotics Perception Kit - Dual all-in-one solution brings surround perception and autonomy to any robot. It combines two ZED X stereo cameras with an AGX Orin, a GMSL2 capture card, and extension cables.

2x ZED X - 2.2mm1x NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin and mounting enclosure1x GMSL2 Capture Card1x 4-in-1 GMSL2 cable2x GMSL2 5m extension cables

*All starter kit components also sold individually

Bring human-like vision to your mission

Unlock vision-driven precision for your robot. Get in touch with our team to get a tailored approach, and in-depth advice, for your project.