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Jul 30, 2018.

ZED SDK 2.5 Released

The latest release adds support for CUDA 9.2, and numerous features and fixes to our plugins.

CUDA 9.2 Compatibility

ZED SDK now supports the latest distribution of CUDA for Windows and Linux. Note that it is not backwards-compatible with previous versions of CUDA, so you’ll need to upgrade to CUDA 9.2 before installing ZED SDK 2.5.

By popular request, we also have a distribution of ZED SDK 2.5 available that supports CUDA 9.0. However, the 9.2 version is recommended.


Four brand-new example scenes have been added to the Unity plugin:

Movie Screen: Based off the movie demo in the ZED World app. Move, rotate, and scale a 2D movie screen in the 3D world. Shows how simple it is to view 2D content in AR.

Drone Battle: Based on the drone demo in the ZED World app. Drones spawn in your environment and shoot at you. Dodge/block lasers and shoot back to win. Explore the scripts to see how to launch projectiles that collide with the world without the need for pre-scanning.

Simple Plane Detection: Hold space bar to check for a valid place to put a Bunny character. Release space bar to have a new Bunny fall down onto the plane with proper physics. Demonstrates how to use the Plane Detection feature added in 2.4.

VR Plane Detection: Place a bunny using VR controllers. Once placed, smack the bunny as far as possible with a baseball bat.

Our old scenes got some exciting upgrades:

  • Planetarium: The sun now looks much more realistic, and planets are brighter on the sides facing the sun. Also added optional VR controller support.
  • Dark Room: Now turns your environment into a night club, complete with a scripted laser light show, disco ball and club music.
  • Green Screen: New script makes it simpler to attach the ZED rig to a tracked object: Simply choose the desired tracked object from a drop-down in the Inspector.

Lastly, we’ve added new scripts to simplify using VR controllers with the ZED plugin, which most of our samples (including older ones) now use. To make use of them, you’ll need to import the Oculus Integration or SteamVR plugins to your project. All samples are still playable without controllers, excluding VR Plane Detection.


The new Unreal plugin version brings general improvements to engine performance and Vive support. Along with that, we’ve updated the Mixed Reality engine in the custom editor to 4.19.1, and fixed a variety of minor bugs and quality-of-life issues. We’ve also added an experimental SRemap rendering option, which improves comfort in AR pass-through mode, especially in Vive headsets.


Changes to our ROS plugin make tracking more powerful and easier to customize. It now supports the ZED SDK’s spatial memory and pose smoothing features, and we’ve also added several new settings, parameters, and publishers that provide more visibility and control.

Some of these changes come from our outstanding GitHub community. Special thanks to rbonghi, ArkadiuszNiemiecRuss76tongtybj, and fujimo-t.

Download SDK 2.5 Today!

Find download links and patch notes for the SDK on our Downloads page. For our plugins, find direct downloads on our Unity, Unreal and ROS GitHub pages. Feel free to contribute or report issues via those pages, or ask us for help directly at

As always, thanks for using the ZED!