What's New

The ZED SDK 2.5 release includes support for CUDA 9.2, along with a major update of ROS, Unreal and Unity plugins.



  • Added support for CUDA 9.2.
  • Added new coordinate system RIGHT_HANDED_Z_UP_X_FWD for use in ROS.


  • Moved depth computation to a non-default stream to achieve concurrency with external GPU operations and improve performance.
  • Fixed an issue leading to NAN values in depth FILL when setting the confidence threshold at 100.

    Plane Detection

  • Fixed bug that reported wrong planes when the UNIT parameter was not set in METERS.


  • Updated wrapper support to ZED SDK 2.5.
  • Refactored wrapper code for clarity.
  • Added support for spatial memory and pose smoothing.
  • Added parameter for changing initial tracking position.
  • Added dynamic resolution setting for image/measures to allow testing different accuracy and performance optimizations.
  • Updated "package.xml" to "Format 2". Thanks to rbonghi.
  • Updated publishing rules to stream Odometry when subscribing to point cloud topics. Thanks to ArkadiuszNiemiec.
  • Added launch example to run wrapper nodelet in a standalone nodelet manager. Thanks to Russ76.
  • Added publisher for internal IMU data. Thanks to tonftybj.
  • Added publisher for disparity image. Thanks to fujimo-t.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Major update of the plugin, which now includes several new samples showing how to use advanced interactions between the real and virtual world. See all changes here.


  • Updated Mixed Reality engine to 4.19.1 version.
  • Improved overal engine performance.
  • Improved Vive support.
  • Added option in BP_Initializer for selecting the Pawn tracking mode: ZED, HMD or mixed tracking.
  • Added SRemap experimental rendering option which improves visual comfort in AR passthrough.
  • Moved BP_ZedCamera blueprint class to C++ only.
  • Fixed a bug making the Editor randomly crash when closing the game preview.
  • Fixed a bug saying "wrong reference frame" when starting game preview.


  • Fixed segmentation fault when using the ZED in USB2.0 on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed memory leak on getDeviceList().
  • Fixed a bug that leads to a wrong camera detection in getDeviceList() when this function was called multiple times.
  • Fixed wrong timestamp in IMUData when getIMUData(TIME_REFERENCE_CURRENT) was called. Now, you can use the timestamp to check if the values are new (timestamp will be different, otherwise they will be the same).
  • Fixed a freeze which can occurs when calling resetTracking() while grab() is running.
  • Fixed the return value of getPosition() just after a call to resetTracking().
  • Fixed an issue in the linux installer in silent mode where the script could ask for a user input.
  • Deprecate SpatialMappingParameters::set(mapping_range). Now appropriate range is derived from selected MAPPING_RESOLUTION when calling enableSpatialMapping() if SpatialMappingParameters::range_meter is not defined.
  • Add function getRecommendedRange(mapping_resolution, &camera) to set SpatialMappingParameters::range_meter directly to the recommanded value.


  • Removed libusb-0.1 dependency to fix an issue when using the ZED for an extended period of time.
SDK Downloads
The ZED SDK allows to add depth and motion sensing to your application. Available as a standalone installer, the ZED SDK includes applications, tools and sample projects with source code. Please go to our GitHub page for additional resources, and check out the SDK documentation.
CUDA 9.2 (Recommended)
  • ZED SDK for Windows v2.5.1 (Windows 7-10)
  • ZED SDK for Linux v2.5.1 (Ubuntu 16)
  • CUDA 9
  • ZED SDK for Windows v2.5.1 (Windows 7-10)
  • ZED SDK for Linux v2.5.1 (Ubuntu 16)
  • ZED SDK for Jetson TX1 v2.5.1 (Jetpack 3.2, CUDA 9)
  • ZED SDK for Jetson TX2 v2.5.1 (Jetpack 3.2, CUDA 9)
  • Plugins
    Build applications with your favorite tools and development environments using these standalone packages which provide access to the whole feature set of the ZED SDK.
  • ZED Plugin for Unity (Windows only, from Unity 5.6.1 to 2017.4)(info)
  • ZED Plugin for Unreal (UE 4.19)(info)
  • ROS Wrapper(info)
  • App
    ZED World is a standalone application that allows you to experience mixed-reality with stereo pass-through in VR headsets. Requires ZED Mini, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
    For older releases and changelog, see the ZED SDK release archive.