What's New


ZED SDK 3.3 brings major improvements for Object Detection and Body Tracking, along with many SDK fixes and updates.

Object Detection is now +100% faster and +50% more accurate. Body Tracking is more accurate and stable thanks to new neural body fitting technology.

Depth maps have also been improved and have higher density (in 3.3.1). Camera capture reliability has been improved, along with multi camera synchronization.

The release also adds support for CUDA 11.1 and new Nvidia RTX GPUs.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the Python script installer for Jetson JP43
  • Fixed a bug in depth estimation while using VGA resolution and ULTRA mode on Jetson


General Improvements
  • Improved C++ installer to better detect CUDA, NVIDIA driver and dependencies version. CUDA can now be automatically installed if needed on Linux
  • Improved Python installer reliability, better handling of errors and unexpected host configurations
  • Improved Object Tracking runtime for crowded scenes
  • Improved Floor plane segmentation
  • Improved Object 2D bounding boxes stability
  • Improved Object Localization in case of static camera
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Detection Module high CPU usage
  • Fixed a bug in SVO Recording module on Jetson that created two duplicated keyframe on start


ZED SDK 3.3.1 improves depth sensing module and fixes several bugs reported by the ZED community. Some modules have been reworked to provide a better experience. We also improved documentation with additional details and explanations. Wrappers and samples have been updated to better reflect newest SDK capabilities.


Bug Fixes
  • Improved auto-exposure behavior to fix a random overflow that could lead to a purple left or right image.
  • Improved depth density and occlusions for 'PERF' and 'ULTRA' modes. Results are closer to SDK 2.8 in terms of density with better depth accuracy and edges.
  • Improved depth maps in 'QUALITY' mode to remove far depth quantification artifacts. This will also improve Plane detection with this depth mode.
  • Fixed an issue in Spatial Mapping module which could lead to a crash.
  • Improved Object Tracking runtime performance by +30%.
  • Reduced Object Detection flickering for still objects.
  • ZED SDK for Windows can now be installed on a custom drive.
  • Fixed ZEDfu issues that could sometimes lead to random crashes.
  • Added ZED Diagnostic support for CUDA 11.1.
  • Updated all Python samples with OpenGl windows to improve user experience.
  • Improved Python Documentation.
  • Fixed issues in API leading to disjointed data into 'Matrix3f' or 'Matrix4f' when setting/getting values from Rotation or Orientation.
  • Fixed Spatial Mapping triangles index which was leading to false ordering.
  • Add Body Tracking support in Python.
  • Updated C# API and function names to match C++ and Python API.
  • Added NuGet package for C# API.
  • Added new Spatial Mapping sample.
  • Add Body Tracking support in C#.


  • Fixed RGB/Depth synchronization issues.
  • Improved IMU and other sensors sync.
  • Fixed issue with sensors data extracted from SVO.
  • Added support for ROS2 Eloquent Elusor.
  • Added support for latest SDK, ZED 2 camera and sensors.
  • Switched from lifecycle node to "normal" node to improve ROS2 compatibility.
  • New zed-ros2-examples Github repository.
  • New Rviz2 plugin with visualization for Object Detection and Body Tracking results (bounding boxes and skeletons).
  • New improved tutorials.
  • Improved Python launch files.
  • Updated ROS 2 documentation.
  • Added full sensors data.
  • Added missing Object Data attribute (velocity, confidence)
  • Updated Samples
  • Added sensors data sample


New Features

Object Detection
  • Improved Object Detection accuracy and speed while reducing memory usage, up to 100% faster inference speed on Jetson Nano JP44 and 50% more accuracy compared to previous release.
  • Add a new Detection Model MULTI_CLASS_BOX_ACCURATE, 3x times more accurate than the standard 3.2 model (while being only 30% slower).
  • New objects classes can now be detected, such as BAG, ANIMAL, ELECTRONICS, FRUIT_VEGETABLE.
  • Detected Objects now have a sub-class, which is more descriptive.
  • Detected Objects are now sorted by depth, from the closest to the farthest.
Body Tracking
  • Add body fitting mode, resulting in smooth and realistic skeletons movements. Can be enabled using ObjectDetectionParameters::enable_body_fitting.
  • Improved speed of skeleton detection by +40% on all platforms.
  • Reduced CPU usage when using skeleton tracking.
Video Capture
  • Camera capture and grab is now more stable during long-term usage and can recover from USB connection drops.
  • Camera capture timestamps (from sl::zed::getTimestamp()) are now continuously adjusted to host clock changes (for example when using NTP or PTP synchronization). This allows for better synchronization between multiple ZED cameras connected to different hosts sharing the same sync source (NTP or PTP).
  • Improved ZED2 connection reliability in LOW_USB_BANDWIDTH situations. The open() function can now automatically recover from this state by restarting video capture.
General Improvements
  • Camera::saveAreaMap() function now check if the ".area" extension is used and adds it if necessary.
  • On Linux, the SDK installer has been split into a standard and full version. The installer is up to 50% lighter on desktop using the standard version. The major difference between the two version is that the full SDK installer contains the static ZED library.
  • Windows installers are now signed again.
  • Improved CUDA version detection in Python API installer script.
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved symbols conflicts when linking with OpenCV using the static ZED library.
  • Fixed missing linear acceleration metadata in SVO files (for ZED2) recorded with ZED Explorer.
  • Fixed RecordingStatus linking error that could occurs in some cases like dynamically loading the zed library
  • Fixed download location when using custom settings filepath (InitParameters::optional_settings_path), the previous behavior incorrectly downloaded the file into the standard path.
  • getCurrentFPS() function now reports correctly the application FPS (computed from the time between two consecutive grab calls), even when using SVO or Streaming inputs.
  • Fixed and improve Plane Detection with Depth Mode set in QUALITY.
  • Fixed Object Detection sample crash when using 2D mask that could occurs when the mask was empty.
  • Fixed Spatial mapping chunk usage with fused point clouds. The chunk::has_been_updated flag was not correctly set, leading to all the chunks marked as updated. Now only the chunks that have been updated during the last loop are marked as true.
  • Spatial Mapping can now use all the available memory and is not limited to a power of 2 amount.
  • Spatial Mapping from a SVO now processes each frame, unless it is set as real time mode. It was previously in a non synchronized thread and could skip frames when using in offline mode.
  • Fixed usage of initial transform matrix in positional tracking initialization in the Python wrapper (it was previously partially ignored).
  • ROS2 Eloquent is now supported in the latest ZED ROS 2 wrapper update.
  • Updated and fixed various ROS wrapper issues.
  • Improved Unity plugin support of Object detection and Skeleton tracking.
  • Updated C++, Python and C# wrappers and samples. Tutorials codes are now available in the installer package.
Known Issues
  • ZED Static library is not available with JetPack 4.4.
  • JetPack 4.3 support is now deprecated. In 3.3, JetPack 4.3 SDK uses the previous version of Object detection module (MULTI CLASS BOX model).
  • CUDA 10.0 support is now deprecated. Users are encouraged to move to CUDA 11.0 or newer.
  • Ubuntu 16.04 support is deprecated.
  • CUDA 9.0 and JetPack 4.2 support have been removed.


For older releases and changelog, see the ZED SDK release archive.

SDK Downloads

The ZED SDK allows you to add depth, motion sensing and spatial AI to your application. Available as a standalone installer, it includes applications, tools and sample projects with source code. Please check out our GitHub page and SDK documentation for additional resources.

Standard installer

This version of the installer includes the standard dynamic libraries, tools and samples.

Full installer

This version of the installer includes the standard dynamic libraries, tools and samples but also the static libraries and their dependencies.

Maintenance mode versions

These versions are too old and no longer fully supported, the AI module is running older version of models and performance and accuracy can be significantly lower.

Standard installer (legacy)

This version of the installer includes the standard dynamic libraries, tools and samples.

Full installer (legacy)

This version of the installer includes the standard dynamic libraries, tools and samples but also the static libraries and their dependencies.


For older releases and changelog, see the ZED SDK release archive.


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