What's New
The ZED SDK 1.2 release includes a major update of Unity and ROS plugins, along with new SVO recording modes.
New Features

    Major update of Unity plugin

  • Now includes ZED images, depth and tracking, along with new simplified C# interface.

    Major update of ROS wrapper

  • ROS wrapper has been significantly improved. New features have been introduced and GitHub documentation has been updated.

    New recording modes

  • A new lossy compression mode is introduced in this release. It improves the compression ratio by 5 with minimal loss in image quality and is faster than previous compression modes.

    Frame drop detection

  • Dropped frames can now be detected by calling getFrameDroppedCount().

    Improved SVO recording

  • Added lossy compression mode.
  • Improved lossless compression and limited frame drops during recording.
  • Added recording_state structure for record() function output. The structure contains status, current and average compression time/ratio.

    Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when destroying Camera object that could lead to a crash.
  • Fixed bug (Jetson only) when calling retrieveMeasure_cpu() and writePointCloudAs() functions that stored a part of the image.
  • Fixed bug when using setCameraSettingsValue() in SVO mode.
Tools and Samples
  • ZED Explorer: Added compression mode selection for recording.
  • ZED Explorer: Fixed minor bugs with recording in command line.
  • ZED Depth Viewer: Minor bug fixes.
  • Code refactoring and documentation update of most samples on GitHub.
  • ZEDfu: Fixed bug when RAM memory limit is exceeded during mesh post-processing.


  • New package which makes ZED stereo images, depth and tracking available in Unity.
  • All major C++ ZED SDK functions are now accessible in Unity through C# interface.
  • ROS

  • Improved performance and fixed minor bugs.
  • Converted wrapper to nodelet to improve performance. Thanks to GitHub contributor @furushchev.
  • Added support for using multiple ZED and GPU.
  • Added URDF model.
  • Updated topics names and added additional launch file examples.
Compatibility Notes
  • Jetson TK1: This is the last update for Jetson TK1. Next releases will support TX1 only.
SDK Downloads
The ZED SDK enables developers to add depth and motion sensing to their application. Available as a standalone installer, the ZED SDK includes applications, tools and sample projects with source code. Please go to our GitHub page for additional resources, and check out our API documentation.
Along with the ZED SDK, you can also use third-party libraries with these standalone packages.
For older releases and changelog, see the ZED SDK release archive.