What's New

The ZED SDK 2.7 release introduces CUDA 10, Ubuntu 18 and Jetson Xavier support, H264/H265 compression for SVO, new TensorFlow and YOLO samples and static compilation support on Linux. Read More.



  • Added support for CUDA 10.
  • Added support for Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Added support for the Jetson Xavier platform.
  • Added static compilation support on Linux.
  • Fixed random freeze when disconnecting a camera while in use.


  • Added H264 and H265 hardware encoding and decoding with NVENC for SVO files. A single SVO is now up to 40 times smaller for the same image quality. Thanks to hardware encoding, CPU utilization is now minimal when recording SVO, and drop frames have been eliminated.

    Positional Tracking

  • Added enable_imu_fusion parameter in TrackingParameters to disable the camera-IMU odometry fusion when using a ZED Mini.


  • Introduced a TensorFlow sample for 3D object detection with the ZED and TF.
  • Introduced a YOLO sample for 3D object detection with the ZED and YOLO in C++ and Python.
  • Introduced a Docker example showing how to run a ZED SDK image as a container. Images are available on Docker Hub.


  • Fixed hot plugging that could cause a freeze in ZED Explorer.
  • Fixed issue preventing downgrading firmware in ZED Explorer.
  • Fixed various minor issues with firmware update in ZED Explorer.
  • Fixed various minor memory issues that could lead to stability issues in ZED Explorer.
  • Fixed minor memory issue leading to empty mesh in ZEDfu.
  • Fixed graphical issue preventing launching ZEDfu on Ubuntu.


  • Added covariance data to the odometry message.
  • Added pose_with_covariance topic.
  • Added Odometry and Pose path messages.
  • Added floor alignment feature in positional tracking to align the World Frame orientation with the foor plane.
  • Removed OpenCV dependency.
  • Added parameter to disable the publishing of the map frame.
  • Added parameter to disable the publishing of the covariance in odometry and pose.
  • Added three new tutorials about Video, Depth and Pose subscription in C++.
  • Updated the plugins structure in RVIZ display.
  • Updated documentation with new tutorials about Video, Depth and Positional Tracking modules.
  • Moved "zed_nodelet_example" and "zed_rtabmap_example" in the new "examples" folder.
  • Fixed reconnection issue. Thanks to @RhysMcK.
  • Fixed Pointcloud structure issue. Thanks to @ChristofDubs.


  • Added toggle box to reveal a camera rig used for final HMD output, normally hidden, for advanced users.
  • Added toggle boxes for the fade-in effect when the ZED initializes, and setting the ZED rig Gameobject to "DontDestroyOnLoad" on start.
  • Updated the previously hard-coded layers the ZED plugin used (8-11) to be adjusted in the Inspector, and set them to 28-31 by default.
  • Updated greenscreen config file loading so that it will work in a build when placed in a Resources folder, and changed default save path accordingly.
  • Updated error messages from playing SVOs in loop mode with tracking enabled.
  • Fixed Rift/Vive controller drift when using ZED's tracking instead of the HMD's.


  • Fixed a minor range issue in the depth confidence.


  • Fixed an issue affecting the playback on a PC of an H264 SVO recorded on Jetson.
SDK Downloads
The ZED SDK allows to add depth and motion sensing to your application. Available as a standalone installer, the ZED SDK includes applications, tools and sample projects with source code. Please go to our GitHub page for additional resources, and check out the SDK documentation.
CUDA 10 (Recommended)
  • ZED SDK for Windows v2.7 (Windows 7-10)
  • ZED SDK for Ubuntu 18 v2.7
  • ZED SDK for Ubuntu 16 v2.7
  • CUDA 9
  • ZED SDK for Windows v2.7 (Windows 7-10)
  • ZED SDK for Ubuntu 16 v2.7
  • ZED SDK for Jetson TX1 v2.7 (Jetpack 3.3, CUDA 9)
  • ZED SDK for Jetson TX2 v2.7 (Jetpack 3.3, CUDA 9)
  • ZED SDK for Jetson Xavier v2.7 (Jetpack 4.1 DP, CUDA 10)
  • Plugins
    Build applications with your favorite tools and development environments using these standalone packages which provide access to the whole feature set of the ZED SDK.
  • ZED Plugin for Unity (Windows only, from Unity 5.6.1 to 2018.2)(info)
  • ZED Plugin for Unreal (UE 4.19)(info)
  • ROS Wrapper(info)
  • App
    ZED World is a standalone application that allows you to experience mixed-reality with stereo pass-through in VR headsets. Requires ZED Mini, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
    For older releases and changelog, see the ZED SDK release archive.