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Sep 9, 2018.

ZED SDK 2.6 Improves Performance on Tegra and Linux

The release includes a major performance improvement to depth and tracking on Tegra and Linux PCs, along with a new firmware update for ZED Mini.

Improved Depth and Tracking Performance

In 2.6, depth and tracking modules have been accelerated significantly on Jetson and Linux platforms. To maximize performance, we optimized several algorithms in the tracking pipeline using Neon and AVX instructions, along with architectural modifications. This results in up to 50% speed gains on Jetson TX2 with a significant reduction in CPU load. Linux desktop PCs will also benefit from this acceleration, with up to 30% speed gains.

New IMU Firmware Update

IMU data in the ZED Mini can now be retrieved at 800Hz, compared to 500Hz with previous firmware version. Data synchronization between IMU data and image stream has also been improved, fixing jumps that could sometimes occur between the two data streams. Finally, visual-inertial fusion has been improved using the latest firmware, resulting in better tracking accuracy and less drift.

To upgrade your SDK and camera firmware, install the latest ZED SDK and run ZED Explorer. The tool will detect your firmware version and prompt you to upgrade.

Other New Features and Fixes

  • Added pose covariance in SDK and ROS.
  • Added camera localization relative to the floor.
  • Improved data synchronization between camera and IMU.
  • Improved odometry fusion between camera and IMU.
  • Improved depth performance in Depth Viewer.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the API.

For a complete listing of changes, see the release notes.

Download 2.6 Today!

Download now the latest SDK. As always, we’re excited to share our latest update with you, and even more excited to see the amazing things the ZED community will do with it.


Much of the features and fixes are the direct result of feedback from developers like you. If you have any comments or desired features, we’d love to hear about it! Tweet us @Stereolabs3D or write to

-The ZED Team