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Jun 11, 2018.

USB Firmware Update

A new firmware and software package is now available that significantly improves USB 3.0 connection on Windows 10 platforms.

Some users reported USB connection issues with ZED and ZED Mini on recent Windows 10 desktop and laptop platforms. Depending on the USB host controller of the PC, frame drops or teared frames could be experienced if the USB bandwidth was too low. The issue has been fixed in the latest 2.4 update which is now available for download.

The video input module has been updated and camera firmware redesigned from scratch to bring significant improvements with regards to robustness and stability. Since the fix involves both a firmware and software update, you will need to update your SDK to 2.4 and download the new firmware using ZED Explorer. Make sure to disconnect your camera after updating its firmware.

Read the Firmware Update Guide to learn more.

Note: The fix greatly reduces dropped frames from low bandwidth and ensures a robust USB connection in many cases, so we strongly recommend you to update to the latest SDK and firmware.

Download ZED SDK 2.4 here: Windows 7, 8, 10 | Linux