What's New

ZED SDK 2.4 introduces a major firmware update for ZED and ZED Mini, improving USB connectivity on Windows 10 and bringing multi-camera support to Windows and Linux.

The release also introduces plane detection for a simplified understanding of the environment, improved positional tracking and Jetson support, as well as various fixes and improvements to the ZED API, tools and plugins. Read More.



  • Updated the video capture pipeline to improve USB 3.0 capture on Windows 10 and make it significantly more reliable. All recent laptops should now be able to run the ZED without dropping or skipping frames.
  • Added Camera::findFloorPlane function for floor detection and improved tracking initialization.
  • Added Camera::findPlaneAtHit function that returns the best matching plane at a selected pixel position in the image.
  • Added Plane object to store information about a detected plane, such as its center, normal, bounds, etc.
  • Updated open() function to allow SDK, tools and plugins to open a camera 0.5s faster.
  • Reduced SVO compression ratio in Lossy mode to improve image quality.
  • Deprecated function Camera::setFPS.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow CameraInformation::camera_imu_transform to be empty.


  • Improved depth edges and details in PERFORMANCE and ULTRA modes.
  • Confidence maps have been updated for better usability.
  • Updated confidence threshold to 97% in Depth Viewer.
  • Removed saturated bright areas from depth maps in all modes.
  • Fixed depth stabilization bug that would disable the stabilizer if tracking state switched to SEARCH.
  • Fixed depth stability bug on MEDIUM and QUALITY depth modes in STANDARD sensing.


  • Fixed issue with IMU that would increase drift when using visual-inertial positional tracking.
  • Fixed a potential crash when restarting positional tracking.
  • Fixed memory allocation bug that would not completely free memory when enabling, disabling or resetting tracking.


  • Fixed an issue where the initial tracking position would be incorrect when playing back an SVO taken with a ZED mini.
  • Fixed an issue preventing tracking from being enabled if self-calibration was disabled for an SVO recorded with a ZED mini.
  • Fixed an issue where some raw IMU data could be corrupted when recording an SVO in Lossy mode.
  • Fixed depth stabilization bug that would produce incorrect depth data when pausing an SVO.


  • Introduced a multi-camera sample to show how to capture data from multiple connected devices on Windows and Linux.
  • Introduced a new plane detection sample to display planes detected by findPlaneAtHit and findFloorPlane functions.
  • Introduced an OpenGL example code to show how to display camera feed with OpenGL.
  • Updated positional tracking example code to show how to get IMU data from a ZED Mini.
  • Updated Matlab plugin with getIMUData function, giving access to the ZED Mini IMU values.


  • Updated Mesh API reference documentation to describe how textures are linked to vertices.
  • Updated Unity Spatial Mapping section to add missing steps in the tutorial.
  • ZED Explorer now opens a device up to 1.0 second faster.
  • Updated ZED Diagnostic tool messages for clarity.
  • Added a smudge detector in ZED Diagnostic to warn users when the camera lenses need to be cleaned.
  • Minor ZED Calibration tool GUI update for readability.
  • Updated ZED Depth Viewer settings to display ULTRA depth mode by default.
  • Updated the settings GUI in ZED Explorer.
  • ROS - Added dynamic adjustment of gain and exposure settings in ROS wrapper (Thanks to GitHub user @fujimo-t).
  • Unity - Major update of the plugin. See changes here.
  • Unity - Released plugin source code on GitHub. Contributions are encouraged!
  • Updated to JetPack 3.2 for Jetson TX1 and TX2.
  • Updated Jetson installer to enable MAX-N performance mode by default.
  • Added Ubuntu installer compiled with CUDA 9 for better TensorFlow compatibility.


  • Improved asynchronous recording of SVO with up to 50% bandwidth. Read More.
  • Reduced latency on Linux platforms. The image buffer is now filled asynchronously instead of waiting for a grab() call.
  • Fixed a recording issue leading to IMU data not being saved in SVO file.


  • Improved depth estimation and stability for homogeneous surfaces in FILL sensing mode.
  • Improved depth edges sharpness in FILL sensing mode.


  • Improved tracking robustness when objects are moving close to the camera (like user hands in AR).
  • Updated visual odometry behavior. Tracking will not jump anymore when spatial memory is not enabled.
  • Updated spatial memory behavior. Relocalization is more robust and loops are done more frequently to improve localization. Read More.

    Plane Detection

  • Fixed an issue where plane detection could detect the ceiling as a floor plane when using a ZED (which doesn't have an IMU).
  • Added a message in ZED Explorer to let you know when a new SDK version and firmware is available.
  • Updated ZED World to UE 4.19 and optimized performance which has been greatly improved.
  • Updated ZED World to fix image stutter in Oculus Rift.
  • Improved depth and tracking performance on Jetson thanks to internal optimizations and script update. Read More.
SDK Downloads
The ZED SDK allows to add depth and motion sensing to your application. Available as a standalone installer, the ZED SDK includes applications, tools and sample projects with source code. Please go to our GitHub page for additional resources, and check out the SDK documentation.
CUDA 9.1 (Recommended)
  • ZED SDK for Windows v2.4.1 (Windows 7-10)
  • ZED SDK for Linux v2.4.1 (Ubuntu 16)
  • CUDA 9
  • ZED SDK for Windows v2.4.1 (Windows 7-10)
  • ZED SDK for Linux v2.4.1 (Ubuntu 16)
  • ZED SDK for Jetson TX1 v2.4.1 (Jetpack 3.2, CUDA 9)
  • ZED SDK for Jetson TX2 v2.4.1 (Jetpack 3.2, CUDA 9)
  • Plugins
    Build applications with your favorite tools and development environments using these standalone packages which provide access to the whole feature set of the ZED SDK.
  • ZED Plugin for Unity (Windows only, from Unity 5.6.1 to 2017.4)(info)
  • ZED Plugin for Unreal (UE 4.18)(info)
  • ROS Package(info)
  • App
    ZED World is a standalone application that allows you to experience mixed-reality with stereo pass-through in VR headsets. Requires ZED Mini, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
    For older releases and changelog, see the ZED SDK release archive.