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Dec 20, 2019.

Introducing ZED 2

ZED 2 is the most powerful stereo camera on the market, delivering unrivaled field-of-view, image quality, neural sensing, robustness, 3D object recognition and cloud management.

Today, we’re delighted to introduce ZED 2, the next-generation stereo depth sensor with trailblazing technology that will serve as the cornerstone of future autonomous machines and physical spaces.

The new camera combines advances in AI, sensor hardware and stereo vision to build an unmatched solution in spatial perception and understanding for autonomous systems and spaces. The camera is now available to order through our store.

Best-in-class Stereo Hardware

Delivering advanced depth and motion sensing performance, the new camera features:

  • Ultra Wide depth perception with a 110-degree horizontal and 70-degree vertical field of view, including optical distortion compensation.
  • Enhanced low light vision with an f/1.8 aperture and improved ISP, capturing 40% more light in dark environments.
  • Machine learning-tuned image signal processor for best-in-class picture quality.
  • All-new lightweight neural network for stereo matching, improving stereo depth accuracy at close and medium range.
  • Improved camera controls including gamma correction, auto exposure and gain ROI window selection.
  • Next-generation sensor stack, including an IMU, barometer, magnetometer and temperature sensors.
  • Visual-inertial positional tracking technology that greatly improves camera localization accuracy.
  • Sleek, black aluminium design for easier integration in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Better thermal management within the aluminium enclosure, including compensation for multi-sensor calibration drift due to heating.
  • Improved reliability: New internal enclosure design, all-metal lens holders, improved cabling, ESD mitigation and new heat-resistant PCB material.
  • Improved factory calibration with new multi-sensor 6-axis robotic calibration process.
  • New remote control features for the 3D camera, including firmware updates, camera reboot without manual USB disconnection.
  • Local and cloud streaming capabilities.
  • 10-year warranty.

Cloud Platform for Remote Monitoring

The ZED 2 is the first stereo depth camera that can be remotely controlled through a modern, cloud-based platform and API built for developers and designers:

  • Camera control
  • Live streaming
  • Remote video recording
  • Remote app deployment
  • Data and log capture

Powered by the Most Powerful 3D Vision Platform

Since day one, Stereolabs’ goal has been to abstract away the complexities of 3D computer vision with simple software. To date, that’s included depth sensing, positional tracking, 3D mapping and more. The new ZED SDK software platform adds the following features:

  • Long-range 3D object recognition and tracking, including pedestrians and cars, in any indoor or outdoor environment
  • Skeleton tracking (coming Q2 2020)
  • Multi-camera synchronization and streaming features for wide 3D sensing networks (coming Q3 2020).
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Ubuntu, Linux for Tegra, Centos and Debian (through Docker support)

For more information on ZED 2, visit Stereolabs website.