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Mar 12, 2019.

Announcing ZED SDK for Jetson Nano

The new $99 NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano runs the ZED SDK with impressive performance for its size.

By collaborating with NVIDIA, we’ve been testing the ZED on the Jetson Nano AI computer ahead of its announcement this afternoon. We’re proud to release the ZED SDK for Jetson Nano on launch day, now available for download.

The Jetson Nano, above all else, is tiny. With a 70mm x 45mm form factor and 472 GFLOPS compute power, it is the smallest embedded AI computer. Best of all, the Jetson Nano Developer Kit costs only $99, making it the most accessible ZED-compatible platform ever.

Depth and Tracking Performance on Jetson Nano

While the ZED SDK does run faster on the Jetson TX2 and Jetson AGX Xavier embedded boards, benchmarks show that stereo depth perception and visual odometry performance is still well within the green for robotics, drones, and most other applications.

At 720p resolution, depth and positional tracking run at 30FPS in PERFORMANCE mode, while 60FPS can be reached on the Jetson TX2.

3D reconstruction and mapping also run on the Jetson Nano:

Ready for Multi-Camera Capture

The Jetson Nano has four USB 3.0 ports, which means you can connect multiple ZEDs to the board. Since USB 3.0 capture at full bandwidth requires CPU power, it is recommended to use a maximum of two cameras at a time (in 720p15 mode for instance).

Jetson has brought the ZED’s unprecedented capabilities to embedded applications since the TK1. The Jetson Nano’s small size and power consumption stands to bring human vision to a whole new class of machines, while the low price point means that more developers than ever can get in on the action. So don’t wait and get your Jetson Nano now.

Download ZED SDK for Jetson Nano

Download the ZED SDK for Jetson Nano here. You can get started by reading our Jetson Nano guide and general documentation.