Attach your ZED Mini

Attach the MR mount to your headset. Use the placeholder provided with each ZED Mini to position the camera accurately on your headset.

Connect the 4m USB type-C cable to the camera. Make sure to plug the cable with the small arrow on the connector facing you. To reduce stress on the cable, you can pass it through Vive cable holder.

Set up your environment
  • Download and install the ZED SDK.
  • Run ZED Explorer. Check that the video is running smoothly at 720p60 without dropping frames. If dropped frames are visible, this can be due to USB 3.0 bandwidth limitations on your PC. Check out our Troubleshooting tips to solve this.
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    Enter the world of MR

    Launch ZED World to start experimenting with mixed-reality! You should be able to use your Vive controllers within the application. You can also start building your own MR applications with our Unity and Unreal plugins.

    Note: For the best experience, make sure to turn on the lights in your room before entering ZED World. If dropped frames are visible in the application and you have ruled out USB 3.0 isses, this might be due to your graphics card performance.