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Camera + Software

A complete platform for creators of live interactive experiences.

Brands and agencies are shifting towards 3D and real-time in their marketing and creative strategies. We make it easy to develop, test and deploy live experiences that drive high consumer engagement.

Multi-person tracking

Detect and track people in 3D space with a wide field of view and model where they are in a room, store or exhibition venue.

Depth-aware visual effects

Bring real-time 3D sensing to Unity and Unreal engines and create innovative experiences that mix the real and virtual worlds.

Deploy indoors and outdoors

Build and deploy exciting multi-user experiences in any type of indoors or outdoors environment.


Build depth-aware applications in minutes using the ZED SDK, its plugins and integrations.

Bring your ideas to life with a few lines of code.

  • Video Capture
  • Depth Sensing
  • Positional Tracking
  • 3D Object Detection
  • Body Tracking
  • Spatial Mapping
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#include <sl/Camera.hpp>
int main() {
    // Initialize and open the camera
    sl::Camera zed;;

    // Create a matrix to store the image
    sl::Mat image;
    int i = 0;

    while(i++ < 1000){
        // Grab a frame and retrieve the left image
        zed.retrieveImage(image, sl::VIEW::LEFT);
    return 0;

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