ZED SDK v3.8 boosts the AI engine for a faster NEURAL depth

Sense depth faster and create astounding 3D animations with the new plugin for Unreal Engine 5 available now with ZED SDK v3.8.

ZED SDK v3.8 is a major release that includes new features and performance improvements to depth sensing and body tracking.

Runtime speedups

The 50% runtime speed-up of the Neural depth allows you to get smoother depth estimation with up to 60FPS, and 30FPS for configurations using two cameras on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin embedded devices. Human skeleton tracking has also been sped up by +40% on most platforms.

Added features

Now you can focus on what really matters thanks to the added Camera::setRegionOfInterest function.

Define a region of interest using a mask and filter out noise coming from known objects that are irrelevant such as vehicle hoods or drone propellers and landing gear. These static objects in the field of view of the camera can degrade positional tracking and depth estimation, now you can ignore them.

This new feature is already available for robotic platforms based on ROS2 Foxy or ROS2 Humble. Read more.

Selecting a Region Of Interest to eliminate the drone landing gear (Credits Wonder Robotics)

Improve runtime performance by enabling AI inference while allowing a slight decrease in accuracy (no more than 1-2% loss on compatible models) thanks to the new ObjectDetectionParameters::allow_reduced_precision_inference parameter. This mode enables int8 inference that provides x4 the throughput on supported operations compared to fp32 and decreases memory usage.

New plugin for Unreal Engine 5

You can now combine the power of Unreal Engine 5 for your AR/MR applications with the performance of the ZED SDK thanks to the new plugin.

Animate a 3D humanoid avatar using the Unreal Engine 5 plugin from ZED SDK 3.8

ROS 2 improvements

We added support for ROS2 Humble Hawksbill, the ROS2 wrapper now supports simultaneously the two available ROS2 LTS distributions.

You can now also exploit the Plane Detection capabilities of the ZED SDK on ROS2. This tutorial shows you how.

All the new features introduced with ZED SDK v3.8 are available in the new ROS2 wrapper.

Get the full list of updates in the changelog.

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