ZED SDK 2.1 introduces major Depth Sensing update

We are excited to announce the release of ZED SDK 2.1! This update of the ZED SDK brings a major update of the Depth Sensing API, along with performance and usability improvements.

The 2.1 release includes the following improvements:

Depth Sensing

  • Introduction of new depth stabilization mode. This mode greatly improves depth map stability. It is now enabled by default.
  • Introduction of depth resolution selection.
  • Normal maps can now be retrieved.
  • Depth and normals can now be retrieved for the left and right eye.

Positional Tracking

  • Added getEulerAngles() to retrieve camera rotations in degrees or radians.

Spatial Mapping

  • Improved performance of Spatial mapping.
  • Introduction of Chunks to retrieve single parts of the mesh and reduce memory usage.
  • Visibility and Surrounding lists can be used to retrieve local chunk lists.


  • Removed OpenCV dependency.
  • Introduced new samples for SVO recording, playback and export.
  • Updated all tutorials and samples on GitHub. They are now easier to use and better documented.


  • Plugin now supports Unity 5.6 and 2017 Beta.
  • Added Vive tracker support.
  • Added Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch support in Green Screen MR sample (through SteamVR only).
  • Added Lighting script to allow for light interactions between the real and virtual world in Mixed-reality and Green Screen samples.
  • Added Garbage Matte script to extend the virtual world beyond green screen boundaries in the Green Screen MR sample.
  • Added a semi-automated Calibration application to help users align the real and virtual world in the Green Screen MR sample.

For a complete listing of changes, see the 2.1 release notes.

Download the ZED SDK 2.1 Update Today!

ZED SDK 2.1 for Windows and Linux is now available for download here.