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Feb 3, 2022.

Harness the Power of ZED at FIRST Robotics Competition 2022

Stereolabs enable builders of all skill levels to build, train, and deploy highly intelligent machines in less time, turning more of their raw data into valuable business insights.

At "RAPID REACT", the 2022 edition of the FIRST Robotics Competition, presented by The Boeing Company, student teams will reimagine the future of safe, high-speed travel, and lightning-fast deliveries to propel the next evolution of transportation forward.

You’re participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition? Do you know that ZED cameras will definitively help you win the battle?

  • Thanks to color images at 2K resolution, you can run high accuracy AI and CV tasks such as detecting and 3D tracking common objects.
  • Using next-generation stereo vision technology, you can retrieve reliable 3D depth information with a wide field of view in real-time to localize all the objects in space.
  • Use the ZED SDK with ROS or in Python, C++ and C# to detect wall and floor planes, create a 3D map of the environment, track the position of each robot in real-time, and many other useful capabilities out of the shelf.

To support the endeavors of the teams of students ready to participate in the challenge, and to allow our ZED cameras to qualify under the competition’s $600 USD limit on individual components, we’re offering a special discount code for all the competitors.

Build amazing intelligent robots

If you’re a RAPID REACT competitor, email us at with a short description of your team and how you plan on using our devices, we will provide you with the best suggestions to choose the right ZED camera model for your project.

Once you have your ZED, you can get started from our exhaustive online documentation. Make sure to check out our GitHhub repositories for wrappers and examples. In particular, you might be interested in our ROS wrapper and ROS 2 wrapper. We work hard on the software and documentation to make it easy to add a ZED camera to your project, especially for robotics platforms. Feel free to reach out if you need a little help (on support on our community page), or if you have pictures to share with us!

We’re thrilled that FIRST provides students with this opportunity every year, and can’t wait to see the results. Good luck!