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Sep 19, 2023.

Stereolabs Showcases AI Vision-Driven Perception at FIRA Event

Stereolabs to unveil new AI vision technology that enhances the precision and capabilities of autonomous robots at the upcoming FIRA event in Salinas, California.

San Francisco, 9/19/2023 – Stereolabs, a pioneering company at the forefront of combining human-like vision with artificial intelligence, today announced its participation in the upcoming FIRA event in Salinas, California, where it will unveil cutting-edge technology that enhances the precision and capabilities of autonomous robots and provides valuable insights for sustainable farming and other industries.

Agriculture has much to gain from robotics, but achieving precision in rugged terrain or changeable environments is a complex challenge. Autonomous robots need to be able to see fields and farms in intricate detail without interruption. By combining ZED cameras’ rich data capture with deep AI understanding, Stereolabs is giving vision and crucial insights to autonomous tractors such as Monarch Tractors MKII, crop and harvesting robots, weeding robots, sprayers and more.

At FIRA, Stereolabs is introducing a new era of vision-driven precision that will redefine the smart farming industry. The company will unveil advanced AI vision software in combination with its ZED X camera line, designed to deliver centimeter-level perception through multi-camera systems. This breakthrough technology empowers autonomous robots to not only identify hazards but also react to them intelligently, offering unparalleled safety and efficiency in various applications.

Stereolabs has developed an AI vision software that delivers surround perception by fusing spatio-temporal data from up to four different ZED X cameras onto a single NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin module, or two cameras on a ZED Box Orin 16GB. The AI vision software stack is capable of detecting obstacles and perceiving the path ahead while also providing real-time crop mapping with unprecedented 3D accuracy and resolution.

Leveraging our decade-long expertise in robotic vision, we’ve developed a groundbreaking AI perception technology set to redefine the industry and accelerate the deployment of agricultural robots,” said Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO at Stereolabs. “Our pure, vision-driven precision solution addresses the complexities of achieving centimeter-level perception, multi-camera calibration and challenging environmental conditions, empowering robots to fulfill a variety of missions, from navigation to scouting and handling.

Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO at Stereolabs

Visit Stereolabs at Booth 14 during the FIRA event in Salinas to witness firsthand how our precision technology is shaping the future. Our team will be available to provide insights, answer questions and explore potential collaborations with industry leaders.

About Stereolabs
Stereolabs is the leading provider of 3D depth and motion sensing solutions based on stereo vision and artificial intelligence. From robots to drones and cars, Stereolabs empowers machines with the ability to see and understand. We enable developers across multiple industries to create truly intelligent machines and applications that improve our daily lives.

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