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Dec 14, 2023.

Stereolabs Collaborates with Syslogic to Offer End-to-End Vision-Based Perception for Autonomy

Companies combine stereo vision-based sensing capabilities and rugged AI embedded systems to power cutting-edge autonomous robotics solutions.

Providing Vision-Based Perception for Mobile Robots

StereoLabs, the leading provider of vision-based perception for autonomy, and Syslogic, a pioneer in rugged computing units, proudly announce their strategic partnership to deliver comprehensive solutions for powering autonomous robots.

This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate StereoLabs' advanced stereo camera and software technology with Syslogic's robust compute units, creating a powerful and reliable platform for a wide range of autonomous applications.

The synergy between StereoLabs and Syslogic marks a significant milestone in the autonomous robotics industry, offering an integrated solution that combines state-of-the-art perception capabilities with rugged computing power. This partnership addresses the increasing demand for reliable and high-performance systems to drive the next generation of autonomous machines and industrial robots.

ZED X now compatible with Syslogic AI Rugged Computer RML A3/A4 AGX series

The ZED X has been designed to empower the next generation of mobile robots with vision and autonomy. The ZED X family of stereo cameras are the ideal choice for small to large autonomous robots in the agriculture, logistics and construction industries. Those cameras are especially adapted for 3D perception, obstacle detection, object and people tracking, and many more applications.

Syslogic builds rugged computers powered by NVIDIA® Jetson AGX, such as the AI platform RML A3 or A4. These AI-enabled rugged computers withstand large temperature fluctuations, humidity, dust, as well as high shock and vibration loads – all while operating 24/7.

Both produt lines are now compatible thanks to combined efforts from Stereolabs and Syslogic engineering teams. ZED X cameras can now be used in combination with RML A3/A4 AGX-Series system in vehicles including AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), cars and trucks, buses, special vehicles, but also construction and agricultural machinery.

360° Surround Perception Reference Design

A typical implementation with 4 ZED X cameras connected to the Syslogic RML A3/A4 AGX allows a 360° surround 3D perception of the environment of the robot with much more details and at a lower cost than a LIDAR-based perception system.

Reference design: 4 ZED X and RML A Serie

We believe that smart robotics is the future of safe and efficient farming. By combining our vision-driven sensing capabilities with rugged computing solutions that are tailor-made for agriculture, we’re ushering in that future today.

Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO and co-founder of Stereolabs.
Get ZED X and Add Autonomy Today

Whether you are using that configuration for robotics, computer vision, or something else entirely, ZED X industrial-grade AI stereo camera and Syslogic embedded PC are a powerful combination that can help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about how Stereolabs and Syslogic team up to advance robotic applications that can withstand outdoor conditions by reading our press release.