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Oct 5, 2023.

Stereolabs and Vecow to Unveil Vision-Based 360° Perception System at NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Solutions Day

New system combines sensing technology and compact computing engine to provide instantaneous environmental perception for spatial AI applications.

Taipei, 10/06/2023 – Stereolabs, a pioneer in vision-based sensing technology, and Vecow, a leading provider of industrial-grade computing solutions, today announced their joint showcase at the upcoming NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Solutions Day in Taipei. Together, the companies will unveil their groundbreaking multi-camera 360° perception system for safety applications in the fields of autonomous robotics and spatial analytics.

Live Demonstration Highlights

During the exclusive live demonstration on October 6, Stereolabs and Vecow will showcase how they combined their expertise, exploring the vast possibilities of the technology:

  • Stereolabs will demonstrate its advanced 3D sensing technology on Vecow’s EAC-5000, powered by the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin system-on-module, which delivers up to 275 TOPS of AI performance. It integrates an advanced NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU with 64 Tensor Cores and features an Arm Cortex-A78AE CPU.
  • Stereolabs will connect four ZED X stereo cameras to Vecow’s EAC-5000 via GMSL2, synchronously sending four pairs of side-by-side RGB images at a rate of 60 frames per second with a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution.
  • Stereolabs will showcase a single real-time 360° point cloud, a combination of each individual 3D point generated by the ZED SDK for each camera.
The Technology Behind the Perception System

The 360° perception system from Stereolabs and Vecow is designed to offer real-time insights with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and accessibility. By integrating individual point clouds from each camera, Stereolabs creates a continuous and seamless all-around view of the environment. The Vecow EAC-5000 can concurrently process 3D data coming from all four cameras. Previously, one computer could only handle data from a singular camera, indicating a significant leap in processing power and cost-effectiveness.

This vision-based perception system ultimately offers a tailored, affordable solution for surround perception in safety, robotics, and spatial analytics.

We’re incredibly excited to bring together the best of Stereolabs’ and Vecow’s technologies. Our combined efforts have resulted in a state-of-the-art solution that will change the way industries perceive safety in robotics and smart spaces.

Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO of Stereolabs

Both Stereolabs and Vecow invite attendees to experience this live demo at the NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Solutions Day. To register for the demonstration, please visit this link.

About Stereolabs
Stereolabs is the leading provider of 3D depth and motion sensing solutions based on stereo vision and artificial intelligence. From robots to drones and cars, Stereolabs empowers machines with the ability to see and understand. We enable developers across multiple industries to create truly intelligent machines and applications that improve our daily lives.
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About Vecow
Vecow is a team of global embedded experts acting as an embedded business partner. Vecow is committed to designing, developing, producing, and supplying high quality AIoT solutions with trusted reliability, advanced technology, and innovative concepts.
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