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Mar 31, 2017.

New ZED SDK 2.0 introduces Spatial Mapping and More

We are excited to announce a major update of the ZED SDK. The 2.0 update brings a completely new API with spatial mapping module, positional tracking module update, new Unity plugin and more.

Major SDK Update

The ZED SDK 2.0 is now composed of different modules: Video, Depth, Positional Tracking and Spatial Mapping. Each module can be configured through dedicated parameters. Support functions have been introduced and memory management has been simplified. The new API is much easier to use and integrate.

New samples and tutorials have been created to help you get started. They are available on GitHub, along with complete documentation.

Introducing Spatial Mapping

Spatial mapping is available in ZED SDK 2.0. Developers have now the ability to create a 3D map of their environment and use it for collision avoidance and motion planning or building interactive applications in mixed-reality. Read more about Spatial mapping.

Improved Performance for Positional Tracking

The update also improves positional tracking performance by 2x on certain configurations. Positional tracking now runs faster and at a consistent frame rate.

New Spatial Memory for Drift Correction

The 2.0 update introduces Spatial Memory for the ZED. The camera can now memorize the geometric layout of its surroundings during positional tracking. Spatial Memory allows to correct drift and provide an accurate and absolute position in space over time. This feature is now enabled by default in the SDK and requires minimal resources.

Introducing Mixed-reality Capture, VR and more in Unity

The Unity plugin has been updated in 2.0, bringing performance improvements, support for Unity 5.5 and new samples for VR positional tracking, MR and green screen capture. Learn more about the new Unity plugin.

Also, we’d like to point out the amazing work done with the ZED by the Job Simulator team on mixed-reality capture. Make sure to check out their work!

Support for Jetson TX2

The new SDK brings full support for NVIDIA Jetson TX2. The new JetPack improves USB 3.0 support on Tegra and allows the ZED to run at full resolution and frame rate on TX2. We would like to thank the NVIDIA Tegra team who has done a great job supporting the ZED so far!

General Improvements

The 2.0 release also includes many other improvements:

  • Depth sensing module has been updated to reduce aliasing and improve depth map edges in Standard mode.
  • Added control of camera White Balance.
  • ROS, Matlab and OpenCV interfaces have been updated.
  • Eigen, Boost dependencies have been removed.
  • Many improvements to the ZED tools and samples.

For a complete listing of changes, see the release notes.

Download the ZED SDK 2.0 Update Today!

We are very excited to share this major update with you. ZED SDK 2.0 for Windows and Linux is now available for download here.


We’re working hard to make continuous improvements to the ZED environment, and it simply couldn’t happen without the feedback of our community. We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch with us through Twitter or by email.

– The ZED team