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Jan 29, 2018.

HTC Vive and ZED Compatibility Update

NVIDIA has released its latest GeForce 390.77 drivers, fixing compatibility issues between ZED and HTC Vive.

Some users had reported that VRCompositor in SteamVR could freeze when using the ZED with Vive. With the help of Valve and NVIDIA teams, the issue has been identified and fixed in the latest GeForce 390.77 drivers publicly released on January 29.

Since the fix is in the NVIDIA driver itself, no SDK, CUDA or SteamVR changes is required. Simply update your graphics card drivers to the latest version. The 390.77 WHQL driver can be downloaded via GeForce Experience on Windows, or via the links below.

Download 390.77 WHQL driver: Windows 7, 8 – 64 bit | Windows 10 – 64 bit