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Dec 21, 2023.

A new visual identity for the AI Vision era

As we enter an exciting new chapter providing end-to-end AI and vision-driven perception, we have rebranded Stereolabs and launched a new website to introduce our latest software and hardware solutions.

A new era of vision-driven perception for a new age of smart robotics

You may have noticed that our website is looking a little different. There’s a reason for that, and it’s called TERRA AI, our vision-based perception system that fuses data from multiple sources to provide a deep, semantic grasp of the environment, without interruptions.

TERRA AI represents a leap forward for both Stereolabs and the industries we serve. It is an advanced software AI that works in tandem with our ZED cameras to give autonomous robots the ability to move and act in the world effectively, and unlock a new level of insights in the field of spatial analytics.

Where we began: Industry-leading stereovision

We help machines see like people do. This mission has guided everything we do from our founding in 2010. Since then, we’ve become the leaders in depth sensing cameras with teams across industries using our ZED camera to access cutting-edge stereo vision and depth sensing.

But the pursuit of our mission never stops. Having mastered the eyes of human-like vision, we are turning our expertise to the brain.

Where we are: A general purpose AI vision platform

TERRA AI is the culmination of the knowledge we’ve gained as a computer vision pioneer over the past two decades. But it’s not tech for tech’s sake. It is a cutting-edge software solution that responds to a very real need—the production shortages that are being met by autonomous robots across industries like agriculture, construction and more.

Fusing knowledge gained from ZED camera’s rich data set, TERRA AI is a vision platform that reveals a level of deep detail that is more nuanced that other more costly alternatives, such as LiDAR or radar. Ready to deploy, TERRA AI’s general-purpose capabilities are run through low-power embedded computers that can be integrated into any fleet.

Find out more about TERRA AI

Where we’re going: A new chapter, and look, for human-like vision

TERRA AI holds the potential to disrupt the fast-growing robotics industry by finally making it possible for smart machines to understand and navigate unpredictable spaces.

It will be available to all Stereolabs customers in 2024 through ZED +, our new subscription service that includes hardware discounts and software upgrades.

It is also the driving force behind our new brand identity, designed by Pentagram. Focused on bringing the idea of dynamic detail to life, our refreshed look is a reflection of our new position—we are a hardware and software company, here to meet the vision needs of smart machines everywhere.