ERROR_CODE Class Reference

Lists error codes in the ZED SDK. More...

Detailed Description

Lists error codes in the ZED SDK.

CORRUPTED_FRAME The image could be corrupted, Enabled with the parameter InitParameters.enable_image_validity_check.
CAMERA_REBOOTING The camera is currently rebooting.
SUCCESS Standard code for successful behavior.
FAILURE Standard code for unsuccessful behavior.
NO_GPU_COMPATIBLE No GPU found or CUDA capability of the device is not supported.
NOT_ENOUGH_GPU_MEMORY Not enough GPU memory for this depth mode. Try a different mode (such as PERFORMANCE), or increase the minimum depth value (see InitParameters.depth_minimum_distance).
CAMERA_NOT_DETECTED No camera was detected.
SENSORS_NOT_INITIALIZED The MCU that controls the sensors module has an invalid serial number. You can try to recover it by launching the ZED Diagnostic tool from the command line with the option -r.
SENSORS_NOT_AVAILABLE A camera with sensor is detected but the sensors (IMU, barometer, ...) cannot be opened. Only the MODEL.ZED does not has sensors. Unplug/replug is required.
INVALID_RESOLUTION In case of invalid resolution parameter, such as an upsize beyond the original image size in Camera.retrieve_image.
LOW_USB_BANDWIDTH Insufficient bandwidth for the correct use of the camera. This issue can occur when you use multiple cameras or a USB 2.0 port.
CALIBRATION_FILE_NOT_AVAILABLE The calibration file of the camera is not found on the host machine. Use ZED Explorer or ZED Calibration to download the factory calibration file.
INVALID_CALIBRATION_FILE The calibration file is not valid. Try to download the factory calibration file or recalibrate your camera using ZED Calibration.
INVALID_SVO_FILE The provided SVO file is not valid.
SVO_RECORDING_ERROR An error occurred while trying to record an SVO (not enough free storage, invalid file, ...).
SVO_UNSUPPORTED_COMPRESSION An SVO related error, occurs when NVIDIA based compression cannot be loaded.
END_OF_SVOFILE_REACHED SVO end of file has been reached.
No frame will be available until the SVO position is reset.
INVALID_COORDINATE_SYSTEM The requested coordinate system is not available.
INVALID_FIRMWARE The firmware of the camera is out of date. Update to the latest version.
INVALID_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS Invalid parameters have been given for the function.
CUDA_ERROR A CUDA error has been detected in the process, in sl.Camera.grab() or sl.Camera.retrieve_xxx() only. Activate verbose in for more info.
CAMERA_NOT_INITIALIZED The ZED SDK is not initialized. Probably a missing call to
NVIDIA_DRIVER_OUT_OF_DATE Your NVIDIA driver is too old and not compatible with your current CUDA version.
INVALID_FUNCTION_CALL The call of the function is not valid in the current context. Could be a missing call of
CORRUPTED_SDK_INSTALLATION The ZED SDK was not able to load its dependencies or some assets are missing. Reinstall the ZED SDK or check for missing dependencies (cuDNN, TensorRT).
INCOMPATIBLE_SDK_VERSION The installed ZED SDK is incompatible with the one used to compile the program.
INVALID_AREA_FILE The given area file does not exist. Check the path.
INCOMPATIBLE_AREA_FILE The area file does not contain enough data to be used or the sl.DEPTH_MODE used during the creation of the area file is different from the one currently set.
CAMERA_FAILED_TO_SETUP Failed to open the camera at the proper resolution. Try another resolution or make sure that the UVC driver is properly installed.
CAMERA_DETECTION_ISSUE Your camera can not be opened. Try replugging it to another port or flipping the USB-C connector (if there is one).
CANNOT_START_CAMERA_STREAM Cannot start the camera stream. Make sure your camera is not already used by another process or blocked by firewall or antivirus.
NO_GPU_DETECTED No GPU found. CUDA is unable to list it. Can be a driver/reboot issue.
PLANE_NOT_FOUND Plane not found. Either no plane is detected in the scene, at the location or corresponding to the floor, or the floor plane doesn't match the prior given.
MODULE_NOT_COMPATIBLE_WITH_CAMERA The module you try to use is not compatible with your camera sl.MODEL.
sl.MODEL.ZED does not has an IMU and does not support the AI modules.
MOTION_SENSORS_REQUIRED The module needs the sensors to be enabled (see InitParameters.sensors_required).
MODULE_NOT_COMPATIBLE_WITH_CUDA_VERSION The module needs a newer version of CUDA.