CalibrationParameters Struct Reference

Intrinsic and Extrinsic parameters of the camera (translation and rotation). More...


float getCameraBaseline ()


CameraParameters left_cam
CameraParameters right_cam
Transform stereo_transform

Detailed Description

Intrinsic and Extrinsic parameters of the camera (translation and rotation).

That information about the camera will be returned by Camera::getCameraInformation().

The calibration/rectification process, called during sl::Camera::open, is using the raw parameters defined in the SNXXX.conf file, where XXX is the ZED Serial Number.
Those values may be adjusted or not by the Self-Calibration to get a proper image alignment. After sl::Camera::open is done (with or without Self-Calibration activated) success, most of the stereo parameters (except Baseline of course) should be 0 or very close to 0.
It means that images after rectification process (given by retrieveImage()) are aligned as if they were taken by a "perfect" stereo camera, defined by the new CalibrationParameters.
CalibrationParameters are returned in COORDINATE_SYSTEM::IMAGE, they are not impacted by the InitParameters::coordinate_system


◆ getCameraBaseline()

float getCameraBaseline ( )


◆ left_cam

CameraParameters left_cam

Intrinsic parameters of the left camera

◆ right_cam

CameraParameters right_cam

Intrinsic parameters of the right camera

◆ stereo_transform

Transform stereo_transform

Left to Right camera transform, expressed in user coordinate system and unit (defined by InitParameters).