RecordingStatus Struct Reference

Recording structure that contains information about SVO. More...


 RecordingStatus ()


bool is_recording
bool is_paused
bool status
double current_compression_time
double current_compression_ratio
double average_compression_time
double average_compression_ratio

Detailed Description

Recording structure that contains information about SVO.

Constructor and Destructor

◆ RecordingStatus()

RecordingStatus ( )


◆ is_recording

bool is_recording

Recorder status, true if enabled

◆ is_paused

bool is_paused

Recorder status, true if the pause is enabled

◆ status

bool status

Status of current frame. True for success or false if the frame couldn't be written in the SVO file.

◆ current_compression_time

double current_compression_time

Compression time for the current frame in ms.

◆ current_compression_ratio

double current_compression_ratio

Compression ratio (% of raw size) for the current frame.

◆ average_compression_time

double average_compression_time

Average compression time in ms since beginning of recording.

◆ average_compression_ratio

double average_compression_ratio

Average compression ratio (% of raw size) since beginning of recording.