GeoPose Class Reference

Holds Geo reference position. More...


 GeoPose ()
 Default constructor. More...
 GeoPose (GeoPose const &geopose)
 Copy constructor. More...


sl::Transform pose_data
 The 4x4 Matrix defining the pose in ENU. More...
float pose_covariance [36]
 The pose covariance in ENU. More...
double horizontal_accuracy
 The horizontal accuracy. More...
double vertical_accuracy
 The vertical accuracy. More...
sl::LatLng latlng_coordinates
 The latitude, longitude, altitude. More...
double heading
 The heading. More...
sl::Timestamp timestamp
 The timestamp of GeoPose. More...

Detailed Description

Holds Geo reference position.

Constructor and Destructor

◆ GeoPose() [1/2]

GeoPose ( )

Default constructor.

◆ GeoPose() [2/2]

GeoPose ( GeoPose const &  geopose)

Copy constructor.


◆ pose_data

sl::Transform pose_data

The 4x4 Matrix defining the pose in ENU.

◆ pose_covariance

float pose_covariance[36]

The pose covariance in ENU.

◆ horizontal_accuracy

double horizontal_accuracy

The horizontal accuracy.

◆ vertical_accuracy

double vertical_accuracy

The vertical accuracy.

◆ latlng_coordinates

sl::LatLng latlng_coordinates

The latitude, longitude, altitude.

◆ heading

double heading

The heading.

◆ timestamp

sl::Timestamp timestamp

The timestamp of GeoPose.