Orientation Member List

This is the complete list of members for Orientation, including all inherited members.

distance(const Vector4< float > &a, const Vector4< float > &b)Vector4< float >inlinestatic
dot(const Vector4< float > &a, const Vector4< float > &b)Vector4< float >inlinestatic
getRotationMatrix() constOrientation
norm()Vector4< float >inline
normalise(const Orientation &orient)Orientationstatic
operator()(int x)Orientation
operator*(const Orientation &orientation) constOrientation
operator=(const Vector3< float > &other)Vector4< float >inline
operator[](int i)Vector4< float >inline
operator[](int i) constVector4< float >inline
Orientation(const Orientation &orientation)Orientation
Orientation(const float4 &in)Orientation
Orientation(const Rotation &rotation)Orientation
Orientation(const Translation &tr1, const Translation &tr2)Orientation
ptr() constVector4< float >inline
setRotationMatrix(const Rotation &rotation)Orientation
setValues(const float *b)Vector4< float >inline
size() constVector4< float >inline
square()Vector4< float >inline
sum()Vector4< float >inline
Vector4()Vector4< float >inline
Vector4(const float &t)Vector4< float >inline
Vector4(const float *tp)Vector4< float >inline
Vector4(const float v0, const float v1, const float v2, const float v3)Vector4< float >inline
Vector4(const Vector4< float > &v)Vector4< float >inline
Vector4(const Vector4< float > &v, const float d)Vector4< float >inline
Vector4(const Vector3< float > &v, const float d=0)Vector4< float >inline