Camera Management Platform

From development to deployment, ZED Hub simplifies the integration of 3D perception by allowing remote access to your ZED camera and its applications.

Remote control of every device from a single dashboard

Make quick, effective decisions based on the real-time information delivered to you via ZED Hub’s intuitive interface.

Stream low-latency live video, accessible through the ZED Hub interface.

Deploy, monitor, and manage remotely the behavior of your applications from the interface or the API.

Telemetry is reported to the cloud, stored and displayed in charts.

Status information and abnormal situations are detected and reported as logs.

Video events combine video recordings and data of interest.

Data is collected, stored and analyzed from the interface or from another application.

A platform to operate and monitor your ZED cameras

ZED Hub allows you to manage a fleet of cameras and aggregate their data efficiently. It is an IoT web platform designed for video-oriented devices.

Unlike other competitors, ZED Hub provides a plug-and-play solution and dedicated features to any customer who has apps developed with the ZED SDK.

A web platform

ZED Hub is a web platform that you can consult on your browser. From there, you can add, remove and manage your devices, and their data.

An IoT platform

ZED Hub is an IoT platform, that allows the exchange of real-time data.
Our APIs allow you to extract data and operate devices registered to ZED Hub for automatic and programmable tasks.

A seamless integration with ZED SDK

Ecosystems using ZED camera can connect to ZED Hub and use cloud features without complex software development.
You can also benefit from most features without using ZED SDK.

Based on what customers need

ZED Hub was built for making development and deployment with the ZED painless. We implemented everything that involved cloud features and networking, so you can focus on your use case.

As soon as you are using multiple ZED cameras, ZED Hub will help you operate them efficiently.

Focus on business value, not on IT

ZED Hub connects your devices seamlessly and robustly. They can now communicate with the cloud and each other. You can focus on the data you will retrieve, ZED Hub makes sure that your applications are running smoothly.

Designed to connect your devices

Live video and recording

Access a high definition and low latency live video footage from any camera. Remotely watch and download locally stored video recordings.

Application deployment and maintenance

Once your applications are packaged, they can be deployed instantly on any device. ZED Hub will make sure that they run 24/7 and report their data in real time.

Real-time status and activity

ZED Hub provides real-time status and usage details of your devices, as well as automated monitoring and alerts triggered by critical events. You can instantly detect any problem areas in your fleet.

Designed to aggregate your analytics

Application logging service

Send and store application logs and telemetry as events unfold. Remotely determine and troubleshoot any issue based on the reports. Act accordingly.

Data collection

Collect and backup content from devices to gain meaningful insights. Use metadata to identify your valuable content faster.

Data storage and visualization

Send and store real-time data from your applications, and visualize it with dashboards. Efficiently process and analyze your data on other remote applications.

Simple Management. Big outcomes.

Drastically reduce your human-to-machine ratio while maintaining, if not increasing productivity. ZED Hub makes installation and maintenance of your fleet of cameras a lot more efficient and reliable.

ZED Hub for spatial analytics and digital twins

Efficiently gather data for your customized spatial analytics application.

See how Bolder uses ZED Hub

Norwegian company Bolder uses the digital twin to gain accurate, real-time data for its customers at their indoor climbing gym and recreation center, AIR.

How does ZED Hub help?

ZED Hub makes their setup and day-to-day operations finally efficient. ZED Hub allows them to gather and analyze the data from all their devices in real-time.

Why did Bolder choose ZED Hub?

Before turning to Stereolabs and discovering ZED Hub, Bolder had to individually connect each ZED Box to a computer in order to deploy applications and analyze data.

What is the impact of ZED Hub?

Bolder directly communicated with a Stereolabs technical team to set up the workflow, developed a prototype in 3 months, and finalized large-scale deployment in 6 months.

ZED Hub for robotics

360° 3D perception made possible by multiple camera synchronization and calibration.

Enabling 360° 3D perception

As safety is a considerable concern with autonomous navigation, a 360° view of surroundings is a vital requirement of any mobile robot’s 3D perception.

How does ZED Hub help?

At Stereolabs, we’ve developed ZED Hub as an essential tool for multi-camera fusion, a process in which multiple cameras are gathered and fused into one 360° perception sensor.

Why ZED Hub for multi-camera fusion?

Before ZED Hub and the ZED SDK’s ability to fuse multiple cameras, users faced a complex, time consuming process trying to manually fuse data from their numerous devices.

What is the impact of ZED Hub?

ZED Hub, along with the ZED SDK, now delivers automatic camera calibration, data synchronization, and real-time data fusion optimization by noise estimation. All this leads to high quality, low latency 3D point cloud generation and enables safe autonomous navigation.


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