Samples Scenes

Example Scenes #

After importing the plugin, pick and try some of the example scenes. Each is designed to demonstrate a main feature of the ZED. Some contain prefabs and example scripts that can be repurposed for your projects.

Body Tracking #

Two scenes are available for you to try the ZED SDK’s Body Tracking capabilities.

  • Body Tracking Single: Tailored for 1 person tracking. The max distance is clamped, and the detection is limited to one person.
  • Body Tracking Multi: Sample allowing the detection of many people, up to 10 meters away from the camera.

Point Cloud #

Visualize the depth retrieved by the ZED Camera directly into Unity, in the form of a Point Cloud. To reproduce it, mind that on the Camera_Left child of the ZED_Rig_Mono prefab in the scene, the “Clear Flags” field is set to “Skybox” in order to not display the ZED view, but only the depth point cloud.

Planetarium #

A beautiful display of the ZED plugin’s basic mixed reality features, viewable with or without a headset. Watch as the planets are properly occluded by the real world. Move your hand under the sun and see its warm glow light up your skin. Move, rotate and scale the planets with the keyboard, or with your VR controller if using the Oculus Integration or SteamVR plugins.

Movie Screen #

Similar to the Planetarium sample, but now playing a 2D movie on a movable, scalable 3D screen. Demonstrates how 2D content can easily be displayed in a 3D, mixed reality scene.

Drone Battle #

Defend yourself from attack drones that spawn around your room and shoot at you. Block lasers with your hand, and shoot back with the spacebar, or VR controllers if using the Oculus Integration or SteamVR plugin. The scripts show how to make use of ZEDSupportFunctions.cs to spawn objects in empty areas (DroneSpawner.cs) and shoot projectiles that can hit the real or virtual world (Projectile.cs).

Dark Room #

Your office is now a night club! This scene darkens the real world, then casts a laser light show on your walls and floors, complete with tunes and a disco ball. Shows the usefulness of ZEDManager’s Camera Brightness feature, and creative ways to use ZEDLight.cs.

Simple Plane Detection #

Run the scene and hold down spacebar to see if you’re looking at a valid surface where a bunny could stand. Release the spacebar and a bunny will fall from the sky and land on that surface with proper physics.

VR Only Plane Detection (requires VR HMD and Oculus/SteamVR plugin) #

Aim your controller at the floor and pull the trigger to place a bunny. Then, a baseball bat will appear in your hand. Smack the bunny and send it flying as far as it can go - you’ll see the distance once it lands. Shows how plane detection can fit into a proper game, and how to use ZEDSupportFunctions’s HitTestOnRay to check for planes using world space.

ArUco Marker Detection (Requires OpenCV for Unity package) #

Print out ArUco markers, put them in view of your ZED, and let the battle begin. Shows how to easily interface the ZED with OpenCV for marker detection using a variety of included scripts. Must have the OpenCV for Unity package (trial or full version) imported to use.

Greenscreen #

Aim your ZED at a greenscreen and hit Play to see your subject standing in a small town in the desert. You’ll see that the nearby crates still have all the proper occlusion, but the greenscreen background is replaced with the virtual background. Attach the ZED to a controller or Vive Tracker and specify it in ZEDControllerTracker to move the ZED around in your tracked VR space.

Mixed Reality Calibration #

Use our interactive, in-VR app to calibrate your ZED with a tracked object, like a controller or Vive Tracker, to make capturing mixed reality videos easier than ever.