Getting Started with Unity and ZED

The ZED Plugin for Unity allows developers to build AR/MR applications with a first or third person view. It provides access to stereo video passthrough, depth sensing, positional tracking, and spatial mapping features within Unity. Examples of applications the ZED plugin makes possible are:

  • Building mixed reality (AR/MR) interactive experiences where real and virtual objects are blended together.
  • Displaying passthrough AR experiences in an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
  • Capturing VR applications from a third-person point of view in front of a green screen.

ZED Plugin for Unity

The ZED Plugin for Unity is available as a Unity package. It includes assets, scripts, and sample scenes to assist with development. Many of its core features, such as mixed reality, take minutes to implement thanks to its prefabs.

The package contains the following subdirectories:

  • Editor: Contains scripts to add functionality to the Unity editor interface.
  • Examples: Contains sample scenes illustrating how to use the plugin.
  • Prefabs: Contains the main prefabs to add ZED camera to a scene: ZED_Rig_Mono and ZED_Rig_Stereo.
  • SDK: Contains files and resources to interface the ZED SDK with Unity.

Plugin Requirements

  • Unity 2018.1 or higher.
  • DirectX 11, OpenGL Core
  • x86_64 builds only

How to Get Started

To develop applications in Unity with your ZED, you’ll need the following things: