Setting Up Unreal Engine for AR/MR

To get started using the ZED with UE5, follow the steps below.

Download the ZED SDK

The ZED SDK contains the core libraries that powers the ZED. It also contains tools to let you experiment its features and parameters. Download and install it from here.

Download the ZED Plugin for UE5

  • Download and install the latest ZED SDK.
  • Download or clone the ZED plugin for UE5.
  • In your project root directory right click on the YourProjectName.uproject file and select Generate Visual Studio project files in the context menu.
  • Open Visual Studio and compile. Launch the project from the uproject file or Visual Studio.

Plugin Organization

The plugin contains the following modules:

  • Stereolabs: Implements an interface to the ZED SDK in UE5 (using the ZED C API).
  • ZED: Contains the actor, player controller, pawn and utilities that allow to create and render mixed-reality video.
  • SpatialMapping: Contains a spatial mapping manager to use spatial mapping to create a mesh of the environment.
  • BodyTracking: Contains a body tracking manager to use skeletal tracking and body mirroring in virtual scene.
  • ObjectDetection: Contains an object detection manager to use 2D or 3D boxing.

Explore Sample Levels

Explore the different sample levels provided in the project, like Spatial Mapping, Object Detection or Body Tracking.