Building ZED Live Link Plugin

In the Getting Started section, we explained how to animate an avatar on Unreal using pre-compiled ZED Live Link plugin executable. You might prefer to directly manipulate the ZED Live Link plugin source code, in order to change the different SDK parameters (camera resolution, body tracking detection model, etc.). To do so, you must compile the ZED Live Link plugin from source.

To compile the tool from source, you will require a source build of Unreal Engine.

Download the Engine

To gain access to the UE engine code, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account at GitHub: Sign up
  2. Create an account at Epic Games: Sign up
  3. Login to your Epic Games account and associate your GitHub account in the settings by entering your username into the GitHub account field.
  4. Login to your Github account and accept the Epic team invitation* (Can take a few seconds to appear).
  5. Download or clone the UE4 engine code.

The link above will result in a 404 error if your GitHub account is not linked to an Epic Game one. Make sure to follow all the instructions above.

*If the invitation isn’t sent, clicking on the following link seems to trigger it: Unreal Group.

Build for Windows

  1. Inside the Engine root directory, run Setup.bat. This will check all the project dependencies and update them as needed.
  2. Clone the ZED Live Link repository inside of \Engine\Source\Programs.
  3. Run GenerateProjectFiles.bat in the Engine root directory to create project files for the Engine.
  4. Load the project into Visual Studio by double-clicking on the UE4.sln file, then right click on the ZEDLiveLink target and select Build.
  5. The binaries will be placed in \Engine\Binaries\Win64\ZEDLiveLink.

Build for Linux

  1. Go inside the Engine root directory and run from the terminal. This will check all the project dependencies and update them as needed.
  2. Clone the ZED Live Link repository inside of /Engine/Source/Programs.
  3. In the Engine root directory, run
  4. Run make to build the Engine.
  5. Go to /Engine/Build/BatchFiles and open a terminal.
  6. Build the plugin with the command :
$ ./ BuildGraph -Script=Engine/Source/Programs/zed-LiveLink-plugin/BuildZEDLinux.xml -Target="Stage ZEDLiveLink Linux"
  1. The binaries will be placed in /Engine/Binaries/Linux/ZEDLiveLink/.

Adjust ZED SDK Parameters

Now that you know how to compile ZED Live Link from source, you’ll be able to adjust ZED SDK parameters inside ZED Live Link source code. You can change the ZED SDK parameters in the Source/Private/main.cpp file. The different parameters are defined in the InitCamera method. In order to send correct skeleton data to Unreal, there are some parameters that need to remain untouched:

  • The coordinate system needs to match the Unreal coordinate system, that is LEFT_HANDED_ Z_UP.

  • The joints positions must be expressed in centimeters.

  • The skeleton format should respect the 34 joints format defined in the first section of Animate New Avatars.

Therefore, make sure not to change the three following parameters:

init_params.coordinate_system = sl::COORDINATE_SYSTEM::LEFT_HANDED_Z_UP;
init_params.coordinate_unit = sl::UNIT::CENTIMETER;
obj_det_params.body_format = sl::BODY_FORMAT::POSE_34;

You can get more information about the different parameters role by looking at the API documentation.