ZED Live Link integrations

The ZED Live Link plugins are made to delegate the ZED SDK computing to a dedicated machine, while running a 3D Engine, like Unreal Engine 5 or Unity, on another that will use the computed data sent by the machine running the SDK.

How does it work? #

The implementations differ for UE5 and Unity, but the core idea is the same. One machine receives the inputs from one or more ZED cameras and runs the Body Tracking. Its results are formatted to fit the requirements of the engine of your choice and sent to the corresponding Live Link plugin over the network.

The sending tool itself is a parametrizable Live Link executable for Unreal Engine 5, and a C++ application branched from the Multi-Camera Body Tracking sample for Unity.

Fusion Module #

For now, the Unreal Engine 5 and Unity plugins for ZED do not handle the Fusion module of the SDK. The Live Link implementations are the way to bring the Fusion into these engines.

A specific sender for Fusion is provided with each implementation. By giving it the configuration file generated with ZED360, the result of the body tracking fusion, that is to say, the positions and rotations of the bodies’ joints, are sent to the 3D engine. You can then benefit from its capabilities in your Unity or Unreal Engine application.

Get Started #

Explore the available implementations: