Running ZED SDK in a Docker Container

Docker is the easiest way to set up ZED SDK on Linux and NVIDIA® Jetson. Docker uses containers to create virtual environments that contain all the required dependencies and isolate an installation from the rest of the system.

Stereolabs provides two types of ZED SDK Docker images for each release:

  • runtime images include the minimum dependencies required to run applications using the ZED SDK. Use these images for production.

  • devel images are ideal for development. They contain all the tools needed to compile an application including CUDA, static libraries and headers of the ZED SDK.

Run a ZED SDK Container #

Use the following command:

$ docker pull stereolabs/zed:[tag]  # Download image with specified tag
$ docker run --gpus all -it --privileged stereolabs/zed:[tag]  # Start container

The --gpus all command adds all available GPUs to the container, and --privileged grants permission to the container to access the camera connected with USB.

Next Steps #

For more information, read the Docker install guide for Linux and Jetson.