Setting up ZED X on ZED Box Orin NX

The ZED Box Orin NX is a purpose-built device that enables seamless integration of the ZED X camera into your robotics projects or other applications. It comes equipped with an integrated GMSL2 Capture Card (as an option), which simplifies the process of connecting the ZED X camera to the device.

With minimal configuration required, you can quickly and easily develop and deploy your ZED X camera in production environments. If you need to purchase a ZED Box Orin NX, you can find it on the Stereolabs website with the GMSL2 option.

This tutorial will help you set up and use the ZED X or ZED X Mini cameras with the ZED Box Orin NX.

Prerequisites #

Make sure that you have the following items before starting this guide:

If you encounter any issues during the installation process, please refer to the troubleshooting page or contact

Connect the camera #

First, connect the GMSL2 Fakra cable female end to your ZED X. When you hear a click, the cable is securely connected to the camera.

With the ZED Box powered off, connect the male end of the cable to the ZED Box’s GMSL2 input. Again, a click informs you that the cable is secured.

You can now power on the ZED Box and plug in a mouse and keyboard, or connect remotely using SSH.

GMSL2 Troubleshooting #

GMSL2 cameras have lower flexibility compared to USB cameras. Any modification in the hardware configuration, such as plugging or unplugging a camera, or changing the camera order, requires either rebooting the Jetson, or restarting the installed daemon with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon

Run ZED Depth Viewer #

With the ZED Box Orin NX, the ZED SDK and necessary ZED X drivers are already installed on your system, the ZED X is ready to use out of the box! You can now run ZED_Depth_Viewer in order to validate the ZED X is functioning properly.

ZED Depth Viewer displays the depth map and 3D point cloud of your ZED camera. Try different Depth Modes to select the depth quality/performance ratio that suits you best.

ZED Depth Viewer is located in the following folder on Jetson: /usr/local/zed/tools/.

Developing with ZED X on a PC #

Using the ZED X during development can be challenging as it is only compatible with NVIDIA® Jetson devices. Nevertheless, the ZED SDK Streaming function enables developers to use the ZED X on their local PC as if it were connected directly to the computer. To set up this capability, follow the guide below to stream ZED X data to your computer.

🎉 Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Stereolabs ZED X camera and started exploring its features. Now that you have the camera up and running, it is time to start experimenting and building your projects.

Whether you are using the camera for robotics, computer vision, or something else entirely, the ZED X camera is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. Happy coding!