ZED X Setup Troubleshooting

This is a comprehensive guide that addresses the most common issues you may face while setting up your ZED X camera. However, if you encounter a problem that the guide does not address, please contact us directly by emailing support@stereolabs.com. Our team will be happy to assist you.

ZED X camera is not detected #

GMSL2 cameras have lower flexibility compared to USB cameras. Any modification in the hardware configuration, such as plugging or unplugging a camera, or changing the camera order, requires either rebooting the Jetson, or restarting the installed daemon with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon

Upgrading a ZED X driver #

If you want to upgrade the ZED X driver, it is required to uninstall the previously installed version:

sudo dpkg -r stereolabs-zedx_X.X.X-YYYYYYYY-L4TZZ.Z_arm64.deb

To retrieve the correct name of the package to remove, you can use the command:

sudo dpkg -l | grep stereolabs-zedx

Troubleshooting commands #

The following commands will help troubleshoot your GMSL2 connection:

sudo dmesg | grep zedx

Use the ZED Diagnostic tool dmesg option for quick debugging:

sudo ./ZED_Diagnostic --dmesg

A ZED X is made of 2 video sensors. Both must appear as “bound” in the dmesg log

Each ZED X is linked to an i2c bus with 0x10 and 0x18 sub addresses, therefore the first ZED X detected will be under the devices :

  • 30-0018 (left) and 30-0010 (right)

The second ZED X will be under :

  • 31-0018 (left) and 31-0010 (right)

If your ZED X camera does not appear correctly in these logs, please restart the ZED X daemon using:

sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon

Or reboot your device to be able to use your camera.