ZED X Advanced Topics

You will find here advanced topics for developing and testing the ZED X.

ZED X with Docker #

In order to use the ZED X and the ZED X Mini in a Docker container bind mount the following folders to your container: /tmp/ and /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/.

For example, to start an interactive docker run section:

docker run --runtime nvidia -it --privileged -e DISPLAY -v /tmp/:/tmp/ -v /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/:/var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/ <docker_image>

Configuration for other GMSL2 cameras #

The compiled driver (deb file) is provided with a DTS that enumerates the ZED X camera on i2c30 and i2c31. It will override any other configuration for cameras in custom DTS.

To create a custom DTS, use the diff file provided by Stereolabs to merge both DTS together.

Contact us for more information and support at support@stereolabs.com