ZED X One Setup Troubleshooting

This is a comprehensive guide that addresses the most common issues you may face while setting up your ZED X One camera.

However, if you encounter a problem that the guide does not address, please contact us directly by emailing support@stereolabs.com. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Before contacting the support team by email, please run the command sudo ZED_Diagnostic --dmesg, save the dmesg.log report file that it generates, and add it to the email as an attachment. This will provide the team with useful information to debug the problem.

ZED X One camera is not detected #

GMSL2 cameras have lower flexibility compared to USB cameras. Any modification in the hardware configuration, such as plugging or unplugging a camera, or changing the camera order, requires either rebooting the Jetson, or restarting the installed daemon with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon

If the cameras are still not recognized, the nvargus service can be restarted

sudo systemctl restart nvargus-daemon.service

Upgrading a ZED X driver #

If you want to upgrade the ZED X driver, it is required to uninstall the previously installed version:

sudo dpkg -r stereolabs-zedx_X.X.X-YYYYYYYY-L4TZZ.Z_arm64.deb

To retrieve the correct name of the package to remove, you can use the command:

sudo dpkg -l | grep stereolabs-zedx

Troubleshooting commands #

The following commands will help troubleshoot your GMSL2 connection:

sudo dmesg | grep zedx

Use the ZED Diagnostic tool dmesg option for quick debugging:

sudo ./ZED_Diagnostic --dmesg

A ZED X One is made of 1 video sensor which must appear as “bound” in the dmesg log

Each ZED X One is linked to an i2c bus with 0x10 and 0x18 sub addresses, therefore the first ZED X One detected will be under the device:

  • 30-0018 (left) and 30-0010 (right)

If your ZED X One camera does not appear correctly in these logs, please restart the ZED X daemon using:

sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon

Or reboot your device to be able to use your camera.

Xavier NX / Orin NX MIPI Bandwidth #

The default configuration for the MIPI lanes may be too high depending on the quality and length of the flat cables used to connect the NX development kit carrier boards to the GMSL2 capture card. In such cases, the dmesg diagnostic report does not indicate any problems, but the ZED X One cannot be detected correctly by the ZED SDK.

You can solve the problem by using shorter flat cables, the recommended maximum length is 7 cm, or by changing the settings for the speed of the MIPI lanes.

Set the speed of the MIPI lanes #

Try first with 2 Gbps per lane:

sudo i2cset -y -f 30 0x29 0x04 0x15 0x34 i
sudo i2cset -y -f 30 0x29 0x04 0x18 0x34 i
sudo i2cset -y -f 30 0x29 0x04 0x1B 0x34 i
sudo i2cset -y -f 30 0x29 0x04 0x1E 0x34 i

then with 1.6 Gbps per lane if 2 Gbps is still too high:

sudo i2cset -y -f 30 0x29 0x04 0x15 0x30 i
sudo i2cset -y -f 30 0x29 0x04 0x18 0x30 i
sudo i2cset -y -f 30 0x29 0x04 0x1B 0x30 i
sudo i2cset -y -f 30 0x29 0x04 0x1E 0x30 i

Note: This set of commands must be entered after each reboot, and after calling the reset command sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon.