Install the ZED Link driver

Each ZED Link GMSL2 capture card requires the installation of a driver to operate correctly.

The driver is responsible for configuring the GMSL2 device and depends on the hardware used, such as the Jetson carrier board, the deserializer card, and other configurations related to GMSL2 cameras.

The driver can be downloaded from the ZED X Camera Drivers page of the Stereolabs website.

Note: Please make sure to check the latest version of the driver available on the ZED X Camera Drivers. If the website features an updated version, we recommend installing the latest one.

Select the driver corresponding to your configuration and run:

sudo dpkg -i stereolabs-zedx_X.X.X-ZED-LINK-YYYY-L4TZZ.Z_arm64.deb


  • X.X.X is the driver version
  • YYYY is the ZED Link GMSL2 capture card model (i.e. MONO, DUO, QUAD)
  • L4TZZ.Z is the Jetson Linux (L4T) version

Note: You might need to install libqt5core5a if not already installed. Use the following command:

sudo apt install libqt5core5a
How to select the correct driver
  1. verify the model of capture card you are using: ZED Link Mono, ZED Link Duo, ZED Link Quad.
  1. verify the version of Jetson Linux that is running on your NVIDIA® Jetson device by following this guide

  2. [Only Jetpack 5] verify the model of the GMSL2 camera that you are using: ZED X (Mini), ZED X One GS, ZED X One 4K

Note: it is not possible to simultaneously use different camera models in hybrid configurations with Jetpack 5.x. However, this capability is available starting from driver v1.1.0 for Jetpack 6.

For example, run the following command to install the driver for the ZED Link Duo to use two ZED X cameras on an NVIDIA Jetson devkit running L4T v35.4.1 (JP5.1.2) :

sudo dpkg -i stereolabs-zedx_1.0.5-ZED-LINK-DUO-L4T35.4.1_arm64.deb

Now, reboot the NVIDIA® Jetson device.

sudo reboot

You can use the following command to check that the driver is correctly loaded:

sudo dmesg | grep zedx

Please note that GMSL2 cameras have lower flexibility compared to USB cameras. Any modification in the hardware configuration, such as plugging or unplugging a camera, or changing the camera order, requires either rebooting the Jetson, or restarting the installed daemon with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon

If you encounter any issues during the installation process, please refer to the GMSL2 troubleshooting page, or contact

If you want to upgrade the driver from previous version or you want the driver for a different camera model you must first uninstall the currently installed version:

sudo dpkg -r stereolabs-zedXXXX

to retrieve the correct name of the package to remove you can use the command

sudo dpkg -l | grep stereolabs

When the old driver is removed you can install a new one.