ZED Link Duo on AGX Orin

This tutorial will help you set up the ZED Link Duo GMSL2 capture card, and use the Stereolabs GMSL2 cameras with the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit.

Prerequisites #

Make sure that you have the following items before starting this guide:

Note: the ZED Link Duo card does not need external power when connected to an NVIDIA® Jetson AGX devkit

If you encounter any issues during the installation process, please refer to the GMSL2 troubleshooting page, or contact support@stereolabs.com.

Install the GMSL2 Capture Card #

Please make sure the AGX DevKit is powered off and not connected to a power source before installing the capture card.

Plug in the capture card in the ‘Camera connector’ slot and fix it by using the three provided screws, as shown in the following diagrams:

Note: The capture card is powered by the Dev Kit, therefore you do not need to use an additional power supply for the card.

The final setup should look as such:

Connect the camera #

Connect the GMSL2 Fakra cable female end to your GMSL2. When you hear a click, the cable is securely connected to the camera.

With the DevKit still powered off, connect the male end of the cable to the capture card’s GMSL2 input. Again, a click informs you that the cable is secured.

AGX Orin Developer Kit Enclosure #

If you are using an AGX Orin Developer Kit, we recommend you use the Enclosure for the AGX Orin Developer Kit available for purchase on the Stereolabs store, to securely integrate our GMSL2 Capture Card while keeping the electronics safe. It also allows you to mount the Dev Kit on any surface using VESA 75x75, and gives the possibility to add WiFi antennas to boost your AGX Orin wireless transmissions.

Installing the AGX Orin Enclosure

Remove the 4 screws under the AGX Orin, and remove the factory enclosure.

With the capture card already installed (as shown above) on the Dev Kit, place the enclosure and screw it in as shown below:

Now that the Developer Kit has been correctly set up, we can install the associated software and drivers for the ZED GMSL2 cameras.

Setting up the software #

After setting up your ZED Link GMSL2 capture card, please follow this guide to Install the ZED Link Driver.

Install the ZED SDK #

After installing the ZED Link driver, please follow this guide to Install the ZED SDK on NVIDIA® Jetson.

🎉 Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Stereolabs GMSL2 Capture Card and started exploring its features. Now that you have the camera up and running, it is time to start experimenting and building your projects.

Whether you are using the camera for robotics, computer vision, or something else entirely, the ZED GMSL2 cameras are a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. Happy coding!