Get Started with ZED Box Orin NX

Stereolabs’ ZED Box Orin NX is a compact gateway powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ for challenging AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) in mobile and field situations. It is designed to bring spatial perception and understanding at the edge and aggregate, process, and analyze data from 3D sensors and equipment.

Options #

The ZED Box Orin NX provides a set of options that users can choose from based on their specific needs and use cases.

GMSL2 Option #

The GMSL2 option is one of the key features of the ZED Box Orin NX, which enables high-speed, low-latency data transfer between the processing unit and your ZED cameras, making it an ideal choice for industrial grade applications.

The ZED Box Orin NX with GMSL2 option includes a quad-port GMSL2 interface for up to two ZED X cameras or four monocular cameras, and an integrated GMSL2 capture card, essential to process data at high rates and low latency.

To get started with using ZED X with your ZED Box, please take a look at our guide Getting started with ZED X on ZED Box Orin NX.

GPS Option #

With the GPS option, users can take advantage of the ZED Box Orin NX’s advanced processing capabilities to create AI systems that can operate with high precision and accuracy, even in challenging environments.

You can get started with setting up the GNSS module with our guide Using GNSS with ZED Box. The guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to enable the GNSS module on the ZED Box Orin NX and configure it for optimal performance.

Installation #

Connection panel #

All the connection ports are available in the front panel.

PoE+ specifications: #

  • Max Power Mode: 15 W
  • Voltage: 42.5 ~ 57 V
  • Current: 600 mA
  • Cabling: Category 5

01. Plug in the power supply #

Connect the provided power supply to the jack connector, if you do not use PoE+ feature.

Note: With the power supplied by the jack connector, the ZED Box can use the 25W power mode.

Note: You can supply the ZED Box with PoE+ instead of the jack connector. But in that case, do not exceed the 15W power mode on your ZED Box.

02. Connect to your network #

Connect to your network using the Ethernet port.

Note: A PoE+ enabled switch allows to power the system without using the jack connector.

Note: In PoE+, do not exceed the 15W power mode on your ZED Box.

03. Connect to your display #

Connect to your display by using the HDMI port.

04. Connect your keyboard and mouse #

Connect your keyboard and mouse using the USB port and a USB hub.

05. Complete the operating system setup #

System access credentials

To access the operating system upon first start-up, use the following default access credentials:

  • Username: user
  • Password: admin

Note: For security reasons we suggest you change the default password after the first boot, by opening the “Settings” menu and by selecting the “User” voice, or by using the passwd command.

ZED SDK update procedure

Your ZED Box Orin NX comes with all the software you need already installed. Nonetheless, if you want to update the ZED SDK, you can follow these steps.

To download the latest version of the ZED SDK for your system, you need to know which JetPack version is currently installed. To do so, open the command prompt on your ZED Box and enter the following command line:

$ apt-cache policy nvidia-jetpack

Command line result preview:

    Installed: 5.1.1-b56

In this case, your JetPack version is then 5.1.1.

Then, go to, click on the “SDK Downloads” tab and scroll down to find the corresponding ZED SDK for the JetPack version of your NVIDIA® Jetson™ system.

To get started, learn more about the ZED SDK and start building apps today, go to

06. Connect your ZED camera #

06.a Connect your ZED USB camera

Note: The ZED camera must be connected to the USB 3.0 port to be able to acquire data at maximum resolution and framerate.

06.b Connect your ZED GMSL camera

Note: You can connect up to 2 ZED GMSL cameras to any of the available GMSL connectors on the 4x1 GMSL2 cable found in the ZED Box Orin NX package.

Install on a wall with brackets #

Screw the brackets to the case:

Screw the ZED Box to the wall:

Note: Screws for the wall are not included.

Add a new user #

You can add a new user with the command:

$ sudo useradd -m <username> # add user and create the home directory

Set the password for the new user:

$ sudo passwd <username>

Update/Reset #

At the time of writing this documentation, NVIDIA SDK Manager does not support the automatic flashing of the Orin NX modules. As the process of manually flashing a Jetson device can be sometimes complex and tedious, we have prepared a specific guide to Rest/Update your ZED Box Orin NX.