Development Environment

For development

You can develop and run your application like a normal C++ / Python program. You simply include the ZED Hub library, and run it on your device. The application will connect automatically to the cloud and you can use all of the ZED Hub features.

More information about this is available in the tutorials section.

For production

Applications are built around Docker Compose. This allows to create containerized applications and manage any dependencies and requirements easily. Once your program has been tested and is operational, it is time to package it in a ZED Hub application for deployment. You can then upload it on ZED Hub and deploy it on your devices.

To deploy an application, you need to upload a ZIP file that contains the following:

  • a docker-compose.yml describing how the application should be launched
  • a runtime dockerfile listing the steps and commands to compile and run the application
  • an app.json file that describes your application, specifies its name and release name and defines the parameters
  • the source code or the executable
├── app
│   └── Dockerfile
│   └── My program
├── app.json
├── docker-compose.yml

To get started, please take a look at our available samples on GitHub.