What's New
New Features


  • Introduced new import settings that improves the AR experience. Most notably MSAA x4 and Linear color space are now enabled by default when importing the package.
  • Updated camera saturation and contrast settings in ZED_Rig_Stereo prefab to improve stereo pass-through in HTC Vive. This compensates the Vive's display brightness and makes real-world images more realistic.
  • The camera can now be reconnected at runtime if disconnected.
  • Added runtime configuration of ZEDManager parameters.
  • Moved scanned meshes, SVOs, greenscreen configuration files and .area files to /Assets/ folder by default rather than in the root project folder. This makes them accessible in the Project tab of Unity.


  • Introduced multiple HitTest support functions to simplify collisions between real and virtual objects when no spatial mapping is involved (beta).
  • Introduced ZEDPlaneDetectionManager.cs script to detect horizontal and vertical planes in a scene. ZEDPlaneDetectionManager inherits from MonoBehavior and must be used to have access to plane detection in Unity Scene.
  • Introduced DetectPlaneAtHit() function to get the plane detected at a user-specified screen position.
  • Introduced DetectFloorPlane() function to get the floor plane in the image.
  • Introduced ZEDPlaneGameObject.cs to store the plane information such as its position, rotation, boundaries, etc. It also creates a GameObject representation of the plane that supports collisions and rendering.
  • Introduced ZEDPlaneRenderer.cs script to display the planes detected in a scene by ZEDPlaneDetectionManager.
  • Renamed getDepthAt*() and getDistanceAt*() support functions to getForwardDistanceAt*() and getEuclideanDistanceAt*() for a better understanding.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with normals transformation to world frame that could lead to unstable object placement results.
  • Fixed incorrect report of bandwidth issue when using 1080p and 2K resolutions.
  • Fixed bug with the depth occlusion option in ZEDManager that could only be changed at runtime and applied to the left eye in stereo mode.
  • Fixed the camera stream not properly closing if ZEDManager was disabled or destroyed when stopping a scene. This would result in problems reconnecting to the camera unless the device is unplugged and reconnected.
  • Removed the rendering planes of ZED_Rig_Stereo prefab from the scene view when it is not played.
  • Fixed bug causing the loading screen to be heavily pixelated in stereo mode.
  • Fixed bug that would make error messages flash during camera loading.
  • Fixed alerts about missing motion sensor during camera loading.
  • Updated broken prefab references in Spatial Mapping sample and prefabs.
  • Updated error message when a scene is started without the ZED SDK installed.
  • Removed missing SDK window popup when play/pause is pressed. This window now only shows up when Unity is started.
  • Fixed broken pause button in ZEDSVOManager.
  • Specifying an invalid .area file for spatial memory no longer causes tracking to be disabled. The invalid file is now ignored.
  • Fixed directional light on Object Placement scene.


  • Updated lighting, animations and navigation of ZomBunny prefab to make it appear more realistic.
  • PlaceOnScreen.cs (Object Placement) now instantiates new objects on click rather than moving the pre-existing object.


  • Updated Oculus Package detection ("OVR" is now "Oculus") in ZEDOculusControllerManager.cs.
Build AR/MR applications with the ZED Plugin for Unity. Make sure to check the plugin documentation to get started.
  • Unity package v2.4 (Unity 5.6.1+)
  • ZED SDK v2.4(Windows)
  • Legacy
    For older releases and changelog, see the Unity release archive.