What's New


The ZED SDK 1.0 release introduces positional tracking, ZEDfu mapping application and Wide VGA video mode.


Major New Features

Positional tracking API
  • New tracking API is introduced in 1.0. It calculates position and orientation of the camera for every frame using a new improved stereo SLAM technology. See Tracking samples to learn how to use the new API.
ZEDfu large-scale 3D reconstruction application
  • ZEDfu demonstrates how to combine stereo depth sensing and camera tracking to capture realistic environmental assets for VR, films, games and architecture.
  • Now available as a standalone application for Windows platform. Available in the ‘App’ folder of the ZED SDK.
New high-speed Wide VGA mode
  • Updated ZED firmware (1142) introduces Wide VGA @100 FPS, replacing previous VGA mode.
  • WVGA resolution is increased to 672*376 per image with improved image quality and a much wider field of view.
  • Firmware update is done automatically during installation of the ZED SDK (Win, Linux, Jetson).
SVO compression
  • New SVO lossless compression now saves 66% in file size and processing time.
Unity support
  • Positional tracking API is compatible with Unity.
  • Unity plugin for ZED is available as a downloadable package in the SDK Downloads section.


Added positional tracking API
  • New getPosition() function provides position and orientation of the camera for every frame. Use enableTracking() during initialization to use the Tracking API.
  • enableAreaLearning parameter can be set to activate camera relocalization and loop closure detection during tracking.
Updated depth sensing mode with up to 2x faster computation
  • Updated MODE::PERFORMANCE to new faster than real-time stereo matching algorithm.
  • Added MODE::MEDIUM with depth estimation quality and speed similar to the previous MODE:PERFORMANCE.
Added manual control for camera exposure time
  • Exposure time can now be configured manually by the user with setCameraSettingsValue() function.
Replaced parameters for Init() function with new "InitParams" structure
  • UNIT: Desired metric units can be specified in “InitParams” structure. All the provided data will be scaled according to the selected units: baseline, depth, XYZ, depthclamp, closestDephValue, tracking information... Therefore, "setBaselineRatio()" has been removed.
  • COORDINATE_SYSTEM: Coordinate systems such as left or right-handed coordinates can now be selected in “InitParams” structure. The oriented data such as (XYZ) point cloud and tracking information will be expressed in the specified coordinate system.
  • minimumDistance: the minimumDistance for depth computation can now be configured manually and set above 50cm. On certain configurations, this can dramatically improve frame-rate.
Updated depth values semantic
  • OCCLUSION_VALUE: NaN (not a number), for occlusions.
  • TOO_FAR: Inf (infinity), for values above DepthClampValue.
  • TOO_CLOSE: -Inf, for values below ClosestDepthValue.
  • isValidMeasure(): New macro function that returns false if the given value is one of the above, else returns true.
Added function to calculate ZED camera field of view
  • Left and right eye field of view can now be retrieved using getParameters() : LeftCam/RightCam.hFOV/dFOV/vFOV. See StereoParameters structure for more details.
SVO files now record the camera framerate as well as timestamp during recording
  • Use getCameraTimestamp() function to extract the timestamp from the current SVO image. This can be used to detect frame drops during recording.


  • New unified GUI for the tools.
  • Added two samples using the Positional Tracking API: cpu/Simple Tracking and cpu/Tracking Viewer.
  • ‘Grabbing thread’ sample has been renamed to ‘Optimized Grab’.
  • Updated all samples with ZED SDK 1.0 compatibility.

API Changes

  • Camera::init(...): Replaced arguments with InitParams structure. See SDK Changes.
  • SENSING_MODE: RAW and FULL modes have been renamed to STANDARD and FILL. This better reflects the use of the different depth sensing modes. Old names have been removed.


  • Updated OpenCV from 2.4.9 to 3.1 on Window and Linux.
  • Added Eigen 3.


For older releases and changelog, see the ZED SDK release archive.

SDK Downloads

The ZED SDK allows you to add depth and motion sensing to your application. Available as a standalone installer, the ZED SDK includes applications, tools and sample projects with source code. Please check out our GitHub page and SDK documentation for additional resources.


For older releases and changelog, see the ZED SDK release archive.


Build applications with your favorite tools and development environments using these standalone packages, which provide access to the complete feature set of the ZED SDK.